Best Gardening Wheelbarrows

Best Gardening Wheelbarrows

Growing your own garden is very rewarding, but can also be a lot of work. Whenever you need to spread new mulch, rejuvenate your soil, or bring a load of new flowers or plants to add to your garden, having a wheelbarrow nearby can make the task much easier and less time-consuming. Moving all of these items without a wheelbarrow is hard labor and can hurt your back and other body parts.

Selecting the right wheelbarrow to help you in your garden is not a particularly easy task. There are multiple different styles and features to compare. The guide below is designed to help you learn more about what to consider as you shop for the best gardening wheelbarrow and introduce you to seven of the top models on the market.

Best Garden Wheelbarrows

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Best Pruning Saws

WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow

The WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow functions as eight different carts for the price of one. It can be used as a wheelbarrow, a yard cart, a dolly, and extended dolly, a bag holder, a rock and plant mover, a cylinder carrier, and even a trailer tote. WORX's ingenious design features a shifting fulcrum that allows the center of gravity to shift, allowing this one piece to be so versatile and useful in so many ways.

Switching between the different configurations is also quick and easy. You'll just need to release some levers and fold/or unfold the different components of the cart to get it ready for the next task.

The cart has a 200-pound capacity, so you'll be able to move a lot of mulch, soil, plants, or other items around your garden. The wheelbarrow's turbo lift design distributes the weight so that even when the cart is full loaded down, it'll only feel like you're moving about 17 pounds.

This wheelbarrow also features flat-free tires. Their special design ensures they will not go flat and that you won't need to worry about re-inflating them.

You purchase of this wheelbarrow also includes a cylinder holder, plant mover strap, rock mover mesh, and a bag holder. The cart arrives disassembled, but you'll be able to put it together in less than five minutes without any tools.


  • This one wheelbarrow functions as eight different carts to help you accomplish a variety of tasks in your garden and around your home.
  • Reconfiguring the cart is quick and easy.
  • The flat-free tires never need to be re-inflated.


  • It can only support up to 200 pounds.

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Utility Wheelbarrow

The Dual-Wheel Utility Wheelbarrow from Best Choice products is another excellent option to consider. This wheelbarrow is generously sized and can hold up to five cubic feet of bricks, mulch, soil, gravel, or other items you need for your garden. It has a 330-pound capacity, allowing it to significantly cut down on the number of trips you'll need to take back-and-forth to your garden.

This product is designed to be durable, long-lasting, and hold up well to the elements. It is designed with a heavy-duty steel frame that is powder coated to resist rust.

The handlebar is padded to keep your hands comfortable as you push the wheelbarrow. You can also use the handlebar as a stand when the wheelbarrow is not moving.

This wheelbarrow has two wheels to keep it sturdier and make it easier to push than one-wheel models. Its wheels are made from a durable rubber and are large with a 13-inch diameter. You'll find this design feature makes it smooth and easy to push the wheelbarrow.


  • This model has a 330-pound capacity.
  • The handlebar is padded.
  • The 13-inch rubber wheels are durable and make it easier to push the wheelbarrow.


  • Even with the powder-coated from, some customers still experienced issues with rust.
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Best Wood Chippers

Gorilla Carts Poly Yard Cart

The Poly Yard Cart from Gorilla Carts is a high-quality and durable option that is designed to handle a lot. The cart has a 300-pound capacity and offers a large 30-inch by 24-inch bed to hold mulch, gravel, soil, pots of plants, and much more. The spacious bed is made from an impact-resistant poly material, giving you confidence that this wheelbarrow will hold up well for many years to come.

The wheelbarrow also features 10-inch pneumatic tires. These tires allow it to roll over different landscapes with ease. Whether you are pushing it over a gravelly walkway, hilly terrain, or just your grassy backyard, you'll be impressed with how easy the cart moves.

Unlike other wheelbarrows that can only be pushed, this model is designed to be pushed or pulled, based on what is most comfortable for you for each task you are performing. The cart has a low center of gravity, so it isn't as unstable as many other wheelbarrow options you'll find.

While this wheelbarrow arrives disassembled, it is designed to be fast and simple to put together. Once assembled, the handle can fold for more compact storage.


  • This wheelbarrow can be pushed or pulled.
  • It can hold up to 300 pounds and has a low center of gravity to keep it stable.
  • The cart is made from a durable polypropylene material that will hold up well to tough jobs.


  • This is one of the more expensive options on our list.

Goplus Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow

The Goplus Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow has one of the largest weight capacities out of the products we reviewed. It can hold up to 330 pounds and offers a spacious five-cubic feet of space for everything you need to move in your garden.

The wheelbarrow is designed with a heavy-duty steel frame and durable polypropylene bin. Even though the frame and bin are very durable and will hold up well to heavy tasks, the wheelbarrow is still relatively light and easy to maneuver. Its two-wheel design also makes it easy to balance and less likely to tip than some other models.

This product features large, 13-inch pneumatic tires with a tread pattern for added friction on different terrains. It also has a padded loop handle to aid with pushing the wheelbarrow and keeping it balanced when not in use. The sturdy handle can also be used to help you tip the wheelbarrow to dump out its contents.

The manufacturer includes clear assembly instructions to help you put the wheelbarrow together in no time. It also has a painted frame, which allows for quick and easy clean up of any garden messes.


  • It can hold up to 330 pounds.
  • The pneumatic tires have a tread pattern to help them move seamlessly over different terrains.
  • The handle is padded to keep your hands comfortable as you push the wheelbarrow.


  • This wheelbarrow is not as sturdy as some of the other options on our list.
Best Loppers

Best Loppers

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

Marathon's Yard Rove Wheelbarrow is a good choice for individuals with a backyard garden. This wheelbarrow only weighs 29 pounds, which is about 25% less than the weight of most other wheelbarrows.

However, despite its weight, the wheelbarrow can hold quite a lot of garden materials. It has a five-cubic foot tray that can hold up to 300 pounds. The tray is made from polypropylene, a durable and long-lasting material.

This product has two air-filled wheels that can be easily re-inflated when needed. The wheels are generously sized to help you easily maneuver the wheelbarrow over different terrains. They also help keep the wheelbarrow balanced and easier to lift than other similar models.

With a loop handle design, you'll find that this wheelbarrow is easier and more comfortable to push than many wheelbarrows with two straight handles. You'll be able to turn it with ease as you bring a heavy load of mulch or soil to your garden. The design of the handle will also offer assistance when you are ready to dump a heavy load out of the wheelbarrow.


  • This model is lightweight and easy to push.
  • The handle is padded and features a loop design for easier pushing and maneuvering.
  • It can hold up 300 pounds of materials in its five-cubic foot tray.


  • You will need to keep an eye on the tires and re-inflate them as needed.

Garden Star Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow

Next, take a look at the Garden Star Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow. This is a slightly smaller model that has a four-cubic foot tray. The tray is 8 inches deep and still provides a good amount of space for your gardening supplies and materials.

The wheelbarrow also has two air-filled pneumatic tires. These tires not only make it easy to push the wheelbarrow over different landscapes, but they also make it easy to lift and balance the wheelbarrow.

This model features a loop handle. This handle designed allows you to choose whether you are most comfortable pushing or pulling the wheelbarrow. Additionally, the handle can also be used to hang the wheelbarrow out of the way in your garage or shed.

When you receive this wheelbarrow, it will not be assembled. However, with only six bolts needed, you'll be able to put it together and get it ready to use in no time.


  • It has pneumatic tires for easy maneuverability.
  • You can use the handle to hang the wheelbarrow up in a garage or shed to free up floor space.
  • Only six bolts are needed to assemble the wheelbarrow.


  • This model only holds four cubic feet of materials and supplies.
Bow Saws

Bow Saws

TOMY John Deere Steel Wheelbarrow for Kids

Get your future gardener off to the right start with the TOMY John Deer Steel Wheelbarrow for Kids. This wheelbarrow would be a great product to purchase in addition to one of the other wheelbarrows above; your little gardener will love being able to help you in the garden with their very own wheelbarrow.

While this is a kid's wheelbarrow, it is not simply a toy. Rather it is a fully functional wheelbarrow. It is durable and features steel construction.

The wheelbarrow is designed with two handles with vinyl hand grips to make it easier for little hands to grip and push it. It also features a free-rolling wheel to allow it to move smoothly over the grass.

Kids age two and up can enjoy this wheelbarrow and will love the John Deere color and style.


  • Kids will enjoy working alongside parents in the garden with this wheelbarrow.
  • The wheelbarrow features sturdy steel construction.
  • The handles have vinyl grips designed for a child's hands.


  • The bucket is not very deep.

Buying Guide

Every gardener should have a wheelbarrow to help them with the maintenance and upkeep of their garden. Wheelbarrows greatly simplify tasks associated with gardening, such as hauling loads of soil or mulch, removing weeds, or bringing in new plants and flowers to plant.

However, all gardening wheelbarrows are not the same. We've outlined a couple of different features for you to consider before making a purchase in the next few sections.


One of the first things you should keep in mind as you examine the different wheelbarrows on your list is their size. The tray capacity of a wheelbarrow is measured in cubic feet. Unless you are looking for a small wheelbarrow for a simple garden, you'll probably want to find a product that has at least a five-cubic foot capacity.

Weight Limit

The weight limit is also important to keep in mind, especially if you'll be using your wheelbarrow to haul heavier items such as bricks or gravel. Many models on the market can hold at least 300 pounds. If you're not sure if this is sufficient for your needs, perform some simple calculations to estimate the total weight of the items you plan to haul in the wheelbarrow you purchase.

Materials and Durability

Finding a quality wheelbarrow that will last for many years is important. You don't want to purchase a new wheelbarrow now only to have to purchase a new one in just a few years.

Steel is the most durable material and can typically handle heavier loads. Steel wheelbarrows can be more expensive than plastic models, and they may also rust more easily.

Other wheelbarrows on the markets are made from plastic. Plastic wheelbarrows will be budget-friendly options, but are not suited for heavy jobs. If you have a smaller garden and don't plan on using your wheelbarrow to haul particularly heavy loads, you could consider a plastic wheelbarrow.

Number of Wheels

Next, you should determine if you are interested in a wheelbarrow with one or two wheels. Traditionally, wheelbarrows were designed with just one wheel. This design allows the user to turn and maneuver the wheelbarrow with easy. A single wheel also makes it easier to dump out the contents of the wheelbarrow.

On the other hand, two-wheel wheelbarrows are more stable, which can be very important when you're trying to move a heavy load. If you have hilly terrain, a two-wheel wheelbarrow may be a bit more challenging to navigate up or down the hill than a one-wheel model.


Wheelbarrows are most often designed with either two straight handles or a rounded bar. While wheelbarrows with two handles may necessitate greater strength, these models are a bit easier to dump or tilt.

Wheelbarrows with a single bar are generally more comfortably to hold and push. They also don't require near as much strength, making them a better option for many.


When you look at the different wheelbarrow options that are available, you'll notice that some have pneumatic, air-filled tires, while others have solid rubber tires. There are benefits and drawbacks for each of these options, so you'll have to choose the one that seems like the best fit for your needs.

Pneumatic tires allow for a smoother ride and can make it easier to push a wheelbarrow over various types of terrain. However, since pneumatic tires are filled with air, they could pop or may need to be reinflated.

Solid rubber tires won't go flat, so you don't need to worry about inflating them or having your tires pop as you're pushing a heavy load. A downside of rubber tires, however, is that they can make a wheelbarrow a little more challenging to push.

You may also find some wheelbarrows on the market with semi-pneumatic tires. These tires are a mix of the two other types. They are made from rubber, but include air pockets to absorb shock without needing to be reinflated.


Some wheelbarrows you'll see are designed to be very versatile. In addition to using them as a wheelbarrow, you may be able to use them as a dolly, a push cart, or a trailer tote. Others are not as complex, but they may function as both a push wheelbarrow or a pull cart. If you think you would like a product that offers these different functionalities, be sure to seek one out.

Our Favourite

While we found all of the wheelbarrows we reviewed to be quality options that will simplify your work in the garden, it wasn't a hard decision to select the WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow as our top pick. In addition to functioning as a wheelbarrow, this versatile option can also be used as a dolly, extended dolly, yard cart, rock and plant mover, cylinder carrier, bag holder, and trailer tote.

WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow

The cart is designed with a shifting fulcrum that shifts its center of gravity as you transform it from one cart type to another. It is also designed to be simple to transform between the different options, and you'll only need to unfold, fold, or release a few levers to make a change.

You can transport up to 200 pounds of materials and supplies with this wheelbarrow. It features a turbo lift design that works to evenly distribute the weight; you'll feel like you're only moving about 17 pounds even when the wheelbarrow is full.

The WORX Aerocart has flat-free tires. Unlike other carts with air-filled tires, you won't need to worry about reinflated these tires since they will never pop or lose air.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size wheelbarrow do I need?

The tasks you'll be using your wheelbarrow to complete can help you select an adequately-sized wheelbarrow. If you have a small backyard garden, for example, you'll be fine choosing a smaller wheelbarrow than someone with an expansive garden located farther away from their home. Each wheelbarrow you look at should include information about its capacity. Think about the number of bags of soil or mulch or plots of plants you'll be moving at one time and choose an option that will limit the number of trips you'll need to take to get the job done.

Is a two-wheel wheelbarrow better than a one-wheel option?

There are pros and cons of each style to consider. Two-wheel models can be a bit easier to hold and push than a one-wheel model. The two-wheel design helps keep the wheelbarrow more stable. However, two-wheel wheelbarrows are not as easy to turn and maneuver than models with just a single wheel.

Can you use a wheelbarrow as a flowerbed?

Yes, wheelbarrows can be used to plant flowers or herbs that don't need to have very deep roots. Keep in mind that if you use your wheelbarrow as a garden bed, you won't be able to use it as a wheelbarrow to help you move heavy things around in your garden.

How do you care for a wheelbarrow?

Maintaining your wheelbarrow will help keep it in good condition and allow you to get more use out of it. After using your wheelbarrow, be sure to empty and wipe out the bucket. After every few uses, thoroughly clean it out using a wire brush.

The handles of your wheelbarrow should also be wiped down after each use. If you notice that wooden handles are getting rough, you can try to smooth them down using some sandpaper. Also, rubbing a little linseed oil on your handles periodically can help keep them in good condition.

Don't forget about the wheels and axle on your wheelbarrow. Without taking care of these components, it may become very hard to push or stop working altogether. Adding a little grease using a grease gun onto the axle is generally sufficient. The tires should be kept inflated using a bicycle pump.


We think you'll love the WORX Aerocart. However, if it doesn't meet your needs, any of the other products we featured would make an excellent choice.

If you haven't made your final decision yet, take a few minutes to read through our reviews again and weigh the pros and cons for each wheelbarrow. Then, add your top pick to your cart and place your order! Your new wheelbarrow will arrive and be ready to use before you know it.