Best Grow Tents

Best Grow Tents

Do you wish that you could grow plants throughout the year? Are you a gardener who feels stuck in a colder climate? A grow tent might be the perfect choice for you.

Grow tents are fabric boxes that are equipped with ventilation and light. They allow you to control the climate and grow whatever plants you want throughout the year. Outdoors, your plants might be damaged or killed by a bad weather spell.

In fact, the US Department of Agriculture has created guidelines for how farmers can manage risk when growing outside.

We've taken a look at some of the top indoor grow tents on the market.

Top 9: Best Grow Tents

Gorilla Grow Tent Review

Gorilla Grow Tent Review

Vivosun 48 x 24 x 60 Mylar Grow Tent

This grow tent is designed to keep the interior light from escaping. In addition, it has been lined with a mylar coating that is 98 percent reflective. This helps to boost the effectiveness of your setup, allowing plants to grow much faster than they would otherwise.

The zipper has a black lining that helps seal the light inside. You don't need to use extra flaps or adhesives.

Meanwhile, the fabric has been double-stitched for maximum durability. It is tearproof and lined with non-toxic materials. The strong metal poles create a sturdy frame so that the tent can easily stand by itself.

You don't need to strain your back when you check on the plants. The door unzips to give you access to an observation window, which you can use to view the plants without disturbing them.

Installation is quick and simple, even for beginners. You don't need any tools to put the tent together. Professional growers often prefer Vivosun tents because of how well they seal in the light.

The tent is also waterproof, so you don't have to worry about leaks or outside weather having an impact.

The inside layer seals around an opening for ventilation, which allows you to control the flow of fresh air to the plants. Also included is a tool organizer that has convenient storage areas for your accessories and tools.

The floor tray makes it easy to grow a variety of plants. It is both waterproof and removable, so you can easily clean it when need be.


  • The tent is completely waterproof and lightproof, so your plants are safe from the weather.
  • The growing tray is removable and very easy to clean.
  • Installation is super quick, and the interior reflects light thanks to a mylar lining.


  • The tent may be too small for people who want to grow larger houseplants or a greater quantity of smaller plants.

CoolGrows 96 x 48 x 80 Mylar Grow Tent

This large grow tent is a great choice for anyone who needs a bigger area for their plants. The area is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, with a total height of 6.8 inches. The extra height makes it great for taller people who don't want to stoop to enter their grow areas.

The product has a lightproof construction. The interior uses a 95 percent reflective lining to increase the effectiveness of the growth cycle. You'll get more growth without needing to up the intensity of your grow lights.

It's also easy to keep the tent at the correct temperature for your plants. You can create an indoor garden that consists of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and plants. Anything is in season when you're controlling the environmental conditions.

The tent comes with heavy-duty zippers, and the fabric has been double-stitched to increase durability. The materials are PVC free and made using environmentally friendly substances. Each product stands freely using metal poles for stability.

The large size doesn't need to be intimidating, either. Each purchase comes with assembly instructions to make setup easy. The product functions as a starting system for a light kit. It works whether you want to create a garden in a house, apartment, rental space, or greenhouse.

You can use the observation window to peek inside without needing to open the door. When you do open the door, the flap unzips easily.

The floor tray is waterproof and removable. It can hold fallen leaves. When it gets dirty, washing it is simple. This also keeps the bottom of the tent free of moisture if anything drips down after you water the plants.


  • This is a large tent that can be used to grow a massive indoor garden, whether you want to grow fruits, veggies, or flowers.
  • The construction is sturdy and easy to set up.
  • There are several convenience features like a removable floor tray, observation window, and smooth zipper.


  • The product doesn't come with the grow lights or other items that you'll need to get started on a hydroponic garden.
Countertop Compost Bins

Countertop Compost Bins

Eagle Peak 24 x 24 x 55 Grow Tent

This is another excellent grow tent option created by Eagle Peak. The growing space is 3 by 3 feet and nearly 6 feet tall. It's a great choice for anyone who wants to grow a lot of plants while having limited space in their apartment or home.

The lightproof construction is good for hydroponic and soil-based gardening. You have total control over the inside temperature and the intensity of your lights.

There are observation windows on the front and side of the model. Both seal with Velcro, so they're very easy to remove and replace. The door of the column is zippered and allows for easy entrance.

The overall airflow can be very easily regulated, helping to improve the rate of germination. It can also improve the flowering time, so the growing season will last longer.

The tent is outfitted with multiple vent holes that can install lights, filters, fans, and cables. No matter what kind of growth setup you have, there is a way to configure it in this model.

The tent's zippers are heavy-duty and block the light. All of the panels are double-stitched for extra light retention. The durable oxford fabric is tearproof and waterproof, so the interior is safe from unexpected leaks. Like the previous models on the list, this one stands stably with metal poles.

You don't need any special tools for assembly. All of the pieces are clearly labeled. If you need to clean up or move the garden to a new area, it's easy to dissemble.

Every product comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers the metal frames and the fabric coverings alike. The company's service team is available to answer questions about the product.

The side wall has a mesh storage pocket sewn in. It allows you to store your accessories and tools.


  • The tent has a column setup, making it good for those who want to grow a lot of plants in a limited amount of space.
  • The high-quality construction is waterproof and lightproof, with a reflective interior that increases the growth cycle.
  • There are multiple circular holes for ventilation, which are very helpful when controlling the airflow.


  • The model lacks a removable floor tray, so it's possible that moisture will gather on the bottom.

Nova Microdermabrasion 48 x 48 x 80 Grow Tent

This tent is one of the most reflective options on the market. The interior is lined with 100 percent reflective mylar. This tear-proof material helps to stimulate the growing environment and lengthen the growing season. The survival rate is much better than with outdoor plants.

The zippers are double-stitched and allow for massive light blocking. About 99 percent of outside light is kept out of the tent. Outside weather won't have any effect on the growing season.

The 600D canvas material is thick and waterproof. The frame is made of metal poles that have been treated with a durable coating. Each hole has multiple wires to allow the setup of different lines. Every ventilation hole is sealed to prevent light leakage.

The front has a viewing window that allows for easy observation. Both rectangular vents are covered with mesh to create airflow while keeping out insects and dust. You can use a variety of different filter sizes in the dual ventilation setup.

The interior of the tent has a tool bag which can be used to store your accessories and storage tools. There are also three hanging poles to hang flower pots and other plants. The floor tray is removable and waterproof, so it's easy to clean and maintain the interior.

Setup is simple thanks to the included instructional guidelines.


  • The tent is made from reinforced fabric and metal poles that have been treated with a durable coating.
  • The model comes with three hanging poles, so you can easily hang plants from the ceiling.
  • There are multiple ventilation wires that allow you to get creative with your interior setup.


  • This won't be the best option for people who need to grow their plants close to the ground, since most of the space is vertical.
Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights

Ohuhu 48 x 48 x 80 Hydroponic Grow Tent

This 4 by 4 foot plant growing tent is another great choice for people who want to grow hydroponic plants. The 80-inch height makes it ideal if you want to grow several tiers of plant in an enclosed space.

The observation window seals with Velcro, so it's easy to peek inside and to close the product back up. There is also a large zippered door that allows you to enter and make changes to the interior setup.

The external airflow can be regulated to warm the plants and provide better growing conditions. This helps to extend the growing seasons and to improve the yield of the crops.

The metal zippers come with double-stitched panels to prevent light from escaping. The interior Mylar lining reflects 98 percent of light, creating maximum growth with just a few grow lights.

The tent fabric is made from 600D oxford cloth. This extra thick cloth is tear proof and waterproof, so you don't have to worry about exterior moisture messing with the growth cycle. It also keeps odors inside and prevents animals from breaking into the tent.

Assembling the tent is easy. Every part is labeled with a letter, and there aren't any tools necessary. You only need to make sure that the rubber feet are pointed in the same direction. The growing room can be easily dissembled as well, so it's good if you need something portable.

The tubes are rust-resistant, which means you don't have to worry if you live in a humid area. They'll remain durable for long periods of time.

The model is strong enough to hold trays, flower pots, and grow lights. You can use it to grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers in the colder seasons. There are three support bars that allow you to hang 1000W, 600W, and 400W grow lights.

Each of the hanging bars can hold up to 70 pounds. They also have a rust-protected coating. Multiple anti-mosquito screens help to keep insects out of the area. A removable floor tray also makes maintenance and cleanup super simple.


  • The heavy-duty construction includes three hanging bars, all of which can hold up to 70 pounds at a time.
  • Setup and maintenance are both super simple, thanks to an instruction manual and a removable floor tray.
  • You can use multiple wires to customize your interior setup.


  • The setup doesn't come with an interior pocket, so you'll need extra storage if you want a place to keep all your tools together.

Mars Hydro Complete Grow Tent Kit

This is a great choice for anyone who wants a compact grow tent that comes with everything you need to get started. Though the tent itself is only 2 by 2 feet, it is almost 5 feet tall, and it comes with a variety of different accessories.

If you're just getting started with indoor growing, have a variety of small plants to use, and need all of the supplies, this is a great place to begin.

The package includes the grow tent itself. It also comes with a Mars Hydro grow light, a 4-inch carbon filter, a 4-inch duct fan, 33 feet of flexible duct work, a thermometer that tracks humidity, a timer, adjustable hangers, and 5-gallon grow bags.

It's a simple kit to put together. The design is convenient and effective. Each tent comes with a 99 percent reflective mylar lining, which has been shown to create a yield of up to 30 percent more. The company also guarantees that the customer service team will respond to any issues within eight hours.

The grow light uses full spectrum technology to deliver strong light without breaking the bank. It consumes only 100 watts of energy but has a much greater energy output, thanks to the LED engineering. When compared to traditional grow lights, this design is 50 percent more cost-saving than a traditional model.

This model also has the most high-quality canvas on the market. Rather than using 600D designs, it uses 1680D fabric. This is much more durable and weather-resistant. The model has the same double stitching and heavy-duty zippers that you'll find with all high-quality grow tents.

A sturdy metal frame allows the tent to stand by itself. You can hang up to 88 pounds from the ceiling and the walls without an issue. Heavy grow lights and plants won't be a problem.

The ventilation kit is both quiet and highly effective. It keeps odors from seeping out of the tent. The included duct fan has three settings, so you can adjust the interior airflow. Its minimum noise output is 25 decibels.

The filter comes with built-in charcoal granules. These absorb particles in the air much more effectively than carbon, so they're better for people with allergies. The filter also prevents contaminants from entering the grow space itself.


  • The kit includes everything you need to get started with indoor growing, including the tent, grow light, air filters, ductwork, and humidity tracker.
  • The LED lighting provides a full spectrum of white light while only consuming 100 watts, making it much more energy-efficient than many models.
  • The tent can hold up to 88 pounds, so you can cram a lot of heavy lights and plants into the small space.


  • The tent itself is fairly small, with a floor space of just 2 by 2 feet, so it's not the best for people with a lot of plants.
Grow Room Ventilation 101

Grow Room Ventilation 101

Viparspectra 60 x 60 x 80 Inch Grow Tent

This 5 by 5 foot grow tent is a good choice for people who want a large but manageable indoor growth space in their home. The double-stitched fabric helps to safeguard the space against exterior threats.

You can use multiple different filter sizes in the vents. The rectangular duct window is patterned with mesh to allow for solid ventilation while keeping insects and particles outside.

The frame is made from sturdy metal poles with corner connectors that lock the structure in place. They add additional durability so that the tent can hold more plants and lights.

The structure is totally lightproof and has been lined with 100 percent reflective mylar. The waterproof floor also has Velcro attachments, so it can be easily removed and cleaned.

Assembly is simple, with absolutely no tools required. The zippers are heavy-duty to prevent tears and light leakage, but they can open and close with ease.

Every purchase comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can contact the manufacturer with any questions or concerns that you have.

The exterior of the model is back and made from 600D oxford fabric. The interior is completely reflective and uses non-toxic materials. You can also remove the mylar lining to wash it.

Each product comes with the tent, the frame, two belts, and a removable floor tray. The model can hold a minimum of 110 pounds without issue.


  • The interior uses 100 percent reflective mylar that can be removed and washed for easy maintenance.
  • The frame is capable of holding 110 pounds without being damaged, so you can use several grow lights and shelves for your plants.
  • There are multiple ventilation holes that allow you to work with a variety of different fan and filter sizes.


  • The model doesn't come with hanging bars, so you'll need to have your own setup for your grow lights and plants.

Spider Farmer 2 x 2 Complete Grow Tent Kit

This is another small tent choice that's good for people who want a full growing kit to get started.

The included growth light uses full-spectrum white light to mimic the sun. Though it only consumes 100 watts, it performs comparably to 200 watt traditional lighting. The LEDs have been treated with a water-resistant coating that protects them and extends the lifespan.

The built-in heat sinking technology helps to disperse heat evenly throughout the tent. There is also no noise from the light's operation.

The interior uses 100 percent reflective mylar materials to improve the efficiency of the grow lights. The durable oxford cloth helps protect from the elements, while the zipper smoothly opens and closes.

A mesh Velcro window allows you to vent humidity. There is also a waterproof tray on the floor that prevents leakage onto the floor. This makes it easy to keep the tent clean without a lot of maintenance.

The four-inch fan works to provide powerful airflow with a low-noise operation. There is also a charcoal carbon filter that can remove most allergens and contaminants from the air. The carbon helps with odor control, so you don't need to worry about your space smelling like your plants.

The included air filtration kit can be used to control the temperature and the humidity. You have a lot of control over the growing conditions for your plants.

The kit is also built to be user-friendly, even when people haven't grown indoors before. Every product includes installation instructions, and the items all come in the same box.

There is a three year warranty on the grow lamp itself. With all other parts of the kit, you get a 30 day money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the purchase, you can simply return it. Spider Farmer works to offer good customer service both before and after a purchase.


  • The full-spectrum lights use very little power while lengthening the grow cycle and creating a lower operation cost.
  • The filtration system takes care of any odors and prevents outside contaminants from harming the plants.
  • The kit includes all the necessary components to get started with indoor growing, so you don't need to buy any items separately.


  • The kit is a little pricey if you're looking for something more casual when getting your indoor garden started.
Best Gardening Blogs

Best Gardening Blogs

TopoLite 16 x 16 x 48 Grow Tent

This is one of the smallest and most affordable options on the list. The column is just 16 by 16 inches and 4 feet tall, so you can place it on your desk or in the corner of your room. Setup is fast and tool-free.

The vents are rectangular and use a mesh coating to increase the airflow while keeping contaminants out. The interior is lined with 96 percent reflective diamond mylar. This material is both waterproof and more reflective overall than regular mylar.

The cloth walls are made from 600D oxford fabric, so they block out the light. The metal rods that make up the frame have been coated with white paint. Heavy-duty zippers also help to protect against tears and breakage.

Assembly is quick and simple. There are instructions included. Also included with the package are the tent itself, the frame, a floor tray, and two nylon belts that you can use to secure the filters.


  • This is one of the most compact and affordable options on the list, small enough to place on a desk or in an unused corner.
  • The installation process is quick and easy, with instructions included to help you put the frame together.
  • There are multiple different vents that can be used for filtration and fan placement.


  • The model is small and doesn't include other components necessary for indoor growing, so it might not be best for people who need a larger area.

Final Thoughts

When you're looking for a grow tent, the best choice for you will vary depending on what you need. One of the first considerations you'll need is size. Then you'll need to consider whether to get a whole kit or just the tent.

For a basic tent, we recommend the Vivosun. This company makes interior grow environments that can be easily controlled and sustained. The tent is easy to maintain, and it's sturdy enough to bear a good deal of weight.

For larger growing areas, the CoolGrows tent is a great choice. This tent is 8 feet long by 4 feet wide, which means there's plenty of space for growing large plants. Just keep in mind that you'll need enough room to set it up wherever you plan to grow.

If you want a kit that includes everything you need, we recommend the Spider Farmer kit. Not only does this include the tent, but it also comes with a grow light, filtration system, and humidity gauge. That makes it a lot easier to maintain the interior of the tent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are grow tents different from outdoor gardening?

Grow tents allow you to garden indoors. But they have a lot of advantages in addition to that.

It's important to understand exactly what a grow tent is. Grow tents are built with fabric and metal or plastic frames. They are lined with materials that reflect light and heat. The interior is ventilated, often using a filtration system.

With a grow tent, you can grow many different plants outside their normal season or in inhospitable climates. Outdoor gardening limits the plants that you can grow at different times of the year. In addition, the yield of outdoor crops varies depending on the weather.

With a tent, you can control the interior environment. Not only do you control how much light your plants get, but you can also control elements such as:

  • Airflow, by using air conditioners and air ducts.
  • Humidity, by using humidifiers and dehumidifiers to make the air wetter or dryer.
  • Heat, by using heaters to increase interior temperature
  • Circulation, by using interior fans and exhaust fans to remove contaminants

Grow tents are a miniature, completely enclosed environment that allow for easier growing.

What are some benefits of grow tents?

The first and most dramatic benefit is that the setup improves photosynthesis. Not only are your plants exposed to more direct light, but the reflective materials help them absorb even more. Since the plants get light on all sides, the leaves won't yellow, and the lower branches won't become weak.

Grow tents also allow for controlled environments, so you can have a more successful yield. This is why many professional farmers and greenhouse owners use them.

When compared to grow rooms, a tent is far more cost-effective. It doesn't cost as much to ventilate and control a small tent as it does to control a full room.
The filtration system also controls odors, so you don't have to worry about chemicals or plant fertilizers leaking into the air.