Best Hose Reels

Best Hose Reels

Are you frustrated by how unwieldy your garden hose is? Do you have trouble rolling it up? Does it kink and twist when you try to water your plants? A hose reel may be able to solve your problems.

The right hose reel will vary depending on your needs. Some reels mount on the wall or a crate. Others are freestanding. Some have levers, while others can be operated with the push of a button.

We've taken a look at some of the top hose reels on the market. These are our main recommendations.

Top 8: Best Hose Reels

Hose Timers

Hose Timers

Ames 2519100 NeverLeak Cabinet Reel

This cabinet is our top pick if you want a crate-style hose reel. The stylish construction has an automatic reel with a lever that you can crank. It's capable of holding hoses of up to 150 feet in length, which makes it an ideal choice for people working in industrial areas.

The design has been built to handle cold temperatures, so it's a good choice for people living in northern climates. It also comes with a leader hose. The NeverLeak water system improves your hose's performance by preventing leaks at the source.

The automatic track allows the hose to be wound evenly when you turn the crank. All in all, this is a great choice if you want a reel that also includes a leak-free water system.


  • The stylish design is built to be usable in cold temperatures and includes a leader hose.
  • The water system has a leakproof construction that prevents leaks at the source.
  • The manual guide winds the hose evenly when you turn a crank, so you don't have to worry about kinks or tangles.


  • You have to turn a crank rather than pushing a button to reel the hose, so it might not be the best for people with joint issues.

Suncast JSF175 Hosemobile Cart

Suncast is well known for making excellent outdoor accessories and organizers. This design allows you to keep your hose tangle-free. It uses a cart that can be anchored at any point in your yard. Maneuvering the design is easy thanks to the dual wheels, and anchoring is easy thanks to the non-wheeled bottom edge.

The goal of this design is to save space. If you have a long hose, the compact reel will make a big difference. The design is capable of reeling up to 175 feet of hose without issue. You can easily keep the hose out of your lawn when you're doing work.

The components are built from durable plastic. Unlike metal, they won't rust. They're also more lightweight than heavy-duty components. You don't need to worry about corrosion or rot.

The 6-inch wheels allow for easy transport. Because they're so large, you can wheel the product through soil and grass and mud without any issue. They shouldn't get stuck.

The tan and taupe colors are perfect to blend with a variety of environments. They will match the majority of exterior home colors and fit well in your yard.

The dimensions are also a solid selling point. The cart is about two cubic feet, which means it's compact enough to place anywhere. There are hose hooks built in, which can hold onto the end of the hose so that it isn't pulled loose.

It's also easy to make a leakproof connection between the hose and the product. The Easylink system specifically seals the hose against leakage.

The cart comes completely assembled. You don't have to worry about following complicated setup instructions or wrestling with tools.


  • The cart is about two cubic feet and has wheels, so it's very maneuverable around the yard and garden.
  • You can reel up to 175 feet of standard hosing without issue.
  • The plastic exterior construction matches most house exteriors and won't rot or rust.


  • Since the design is built for mobility, it's not the right choice for people looking for a wall mount.
Best Expandable Hoses

Best Expandable Hoses

Artigarden Freestanding Garden Hose Holder

This is one of the best selling hose reels on the market. It's a great choice if you want a freestanding model that can handle a heavy-duty hose. Instead of using wheels or mounting on the wall, the design is anchored by three stakes on the base. You drive these into the ground to protect the product from falling.

The total height is about 43.5 inches. It is capable of holding standard hoses with lengths of up to 150 feet. The helpful design of the reel holds the hose in place even when there are windy or stormy conditions. It's easy to organize the hose and avoid messiness from the length dragging on the ground.

The main material is a strong steel that's capable of withstanding rough wear and tear. It has been coated with a powder to make it resistant to weather and rust. You don't need to worry about the device becoming unusable due to exposure to the cold or rain.

The design is lightweight and can be easily moved. You can use it in your garden, courtyard, backyard, and other areas. As long as the stakes are driven into the ground, the product will always stand freely.

It's very easy to assemble the reel. You just need to tighten six screws to put the pieces together. The manufacturer recommends bringing the device inside when it isn't being used. Every purchase comes with a 90 day money back guarantee along with a lifetime of customer support.


  • The rack stands freely and stably, with three anchor spikes in the base.
  • The strong steel has been coated with a powder that makes it waterproof and resistant to rust.
  • Assembly is simple, since all you need to do is tighten six screws, and then the rack is ready to go.


  • The reel doesn't come with a crank, lever, or button to roll up the hose, so you'll need to do that manually.

Liberty Garden Industrial 4-Wheel Cart

This heavy-duty cart is the perfect choice for landscaping and gardening professionals. In addition to having four wheels for transport, it is also capable of holding a whopping 300 feet of hose. It's made specifically for industrial and corporate needs.

The non-slip handle makes it very easy to roll the hose up. The cart itself is made from long-lasting steel. It has been treated with a powder finish to make it resistant to any of the weather dangers from the outdoors.

The fixtures are made of brass. There is also a brass connector that can swivel up to 90 degrees, making this a great choice for landscapers who need to work on complicated slopes.

The design is engineered with a low center of gravity, which keeps it from tipping over even when exposed to high winds. The thick tires can handle a variety of different terrain. The hose stays organized and neat during travel between work sites.

There is some assembly required. You'll need to use an instruction manual and watch a video to put the piece together.


  • The cart is made specifically for industry professionals, so it's highly maneuverable and can hold 300 feet of hose.
  • The materials are rust-resistant, and the brass connectors can swivel at up to 90 degrees.
  • The design won't tip over in heavy winds thanks to the lower center of gravity.


  • It's a little more expensive and difficult to assemble than designs that are built for average homeowners.
Best Garden Hose Nozzles

Best Garden Hose Nozzles

Giraffe Retractable Garden Hose Reel

This wall-mounted reel is one of the most heavy duty options on the market. It has a 180 degree swivel bracket that allows the hose to be easily maneuvered in any direction from the wall. You can also lock the hose length at whatever length you want, which prevents tangles and dragging.

You can store a hose of up to 130 feet in length. The reel covers the hose and protects it from the elements.

This is also one of the easiest rewind systems on the market. You don't need to crank a lever or even push a button. Once you're ready to go inside, all you need to do is gently tug the hose. The reel will then pull the entire length back in, winding it up as it goes.

There is an interior guidance system that prevents the hose from tangling inside. It is wrapped in a compact and non-kinking manner every time. The flexible construction is great for use in all types of weather, from the extremely hot to the extremely cold.

The mounting system can easily be placed on the wall. If you're ready to bring the hose into your garage or shed, you can lift the handle to take it off the wall. There's no need for tools or complicated dissembly.

The package comes with the wall mounted reel, a hose nozzle with 9 different patterns, a six-foot leader hose, screws and bolts, and a user manual for assembly.


  • The heavy-duty construction protects the hose from the elements and mounts easily on the wall.
  • The all-weather design can withstand strong storms and heat, and there's a 180 degree swivel bracket for extra maneuverability.
  • When you're done, all you need to do is tug on the hose, and the reel will automatically roll the entire length up.


  • If you already have a multi-pattern nozzle, you won't need the nozzle that's included in this package.

Ames 2415500 NeverLeak Wall Reel

This is another excellent option that uses the NeverLeak technology from Ames. The reel can be mounted on the wall. It has a manual guide to keep the hose from becoming tangled or damaged. If you have a longer hose, the 225 foot capacity will be very helpful.

The water system is made out of non-leaking aluminum. It is designed to withstand cold temperatures without being damaged, and it is resistant to cross threading. Thanks to the metal construction, the design has 8 times the strength of average plastic systems.

The manual guide helps your hands stay clean as the hose rolls up. There is also an accessory tray that you can use to store your spray nozzle, connectors, and garden tools. The lever has been outfitted with a non-slip easy grip that makes rolling up the hose simple.

The total capacity is a range between 50 and 225 feet of hose. That means that if your hose is a little shorter, this might not be the best choice.

The design comes fully assembled. You don't need to read any complicated instructions or use any tools. All you need to take it from the box and place it on the wall.


  • The aluminum leakproof construction is 8 times as strong as an average plastic reel system.
  • The non-slip lever makes it easy to reel the hose, and there's a total capacity of 225 feet.
  • The product comes fully assembled, so all you need to do is put it on the wall.


  • The minimum hose length is 50 feet, so this isn't the best choice for people with shorter hoses.
Best Garden Hoses

Best Garden Hoses

Tacklife Retractable Garden Hose Reel

This retractable reel comes with everything you need to take care of your hose. When you pull the hose out, it automatically locks at whatever length you choose. This helps increase efficiency, prevents the hose from dragging on the ground, and keeps you safe.

Retracting 100 feet of hose takes anywhere from 15 to 22 seconds. The low speed is purposeful. Unlike high speed contraptions, this option is safe to use around kids, pets, and seniors who might be harmed by quickly-moving objects.

The reel will automatically retract 100 feet of hose. All you need to do is tug. There is a built-in braking mechanism that controls the rewind. A layering system keeps the hose from getting tangled inside the design.

Also included with the purchase is a nozzle with 8 patterns. You can use it to water your garden, wash your lawn, and even wash your pets.

The mounted wall bracket allows for 180 degrees of swiveling. You don't have to worry about the hose kinking or tangling. Wall plugs and screws are provided to make mounting easier.

Each purchase comes with a 2 year warranty. An after-sale customer service team is available to you at all times.


  • The reel automatically retracts the hose at slow enough speeds to be safe around children, pets, and older people.
  • An 8-pattern nozzle is included along with all the materials necessary to mount the product on the wall.
  • There is a 2 year warranty with a customer service team that is available at all times.


  • The wall mounting system takes some assembly, so you can't easily move the product inside and outside whenever you want.

Liberty Garden 709 Steel Hose Reel

This solid reel is built to be mounted against the wall and floor. It's a good choice for indoor industrial areas that often use hoses to clean. Each model is capable of winding hoses of up to 200 feet.

The heavy-duty construction can either be placed on the wall or the floor. It has been treated with non-skid materials to prevent it from moving. Just attach the rubber boots.

The 13-gauge steel construction is the same material that's often used in industrial mounts. There has also been a powder coating that's resistant to the elements, so you don't need to worry if you're dealing with stormy or moist weather.

The kit comes with 5 feet of leader hose. This makes it much easier to attach the garden hose. One important note is that the kit does not come with the hardware required to mount the product.


  • The design can be placed on the wall or on the floor, and it won't skid if you use the rubber boots that are included.
  • The construction uses industrial-grade materials that have been coated with weather-resistant powder.
  • The kit includes 5 feet of leader hose and can wind 200 feet of garden hose.


  • The package doesn't come with the hardware necessary to mount the product on the wall, so you'll need to purchase that separately.

Final Thoughts

There are many different hose reels on the market. The right one for you just depends on your needs.

For a freestanding option, we recommend the Artigarden freestanding rack. This sturdy and durable option is great for keeping hoses off the ground.

For an automatic retracting reel, we recommend the Tacklife retractable option. The hose will roll up with a single tug. This option also has a braking mechanism that keeps the hose from retracting too quickly, so it's a good option to keep around kids and pets.

If you choose a wall-mounted option, it's best to look for one with a swivel bracket.