Best Lawn Sweepers

Best Lawn Sweepers

Do you dread raking your lawn in the spring and fall? Do you wish there was an easier way to take care of small debris in your yard?

There is. A lawn sweeper might be just what you need. Lawn sweepers automatically pick up leaves, grass clippings, and debris in the lawn so you don't need to bend over. They're a great choice for people with large yards, people with joint issues, and people who just don't want to waste an entire day raking.

The right sweeper for you will vary depending on your needs. We've taken a look at some of the best options on the market. These are our top recommendations.

Top 8: Best Lawn Sweepers

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Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper

This 44-inch sweeper is one of the best options on the market. It has a total weight of 95 pounds and a capacity of 25 cubic feet.

The model comes with a height adjusting lever that easily indicates where the grass will be swept. The indicator locks and won't slip, so it's a great choice for people looking for maximum performance.

There is also a dump lever that can be operated without needing to get out of the seat. The whole sweeper design can fold into a compact size for storage without needing any tools or complicated dissembly.

The company also offers important guidance on using the model. For example, if the brushes rotate back and forth, the pin is jammed. You'll need to make sure that the operating pin can move freely. The brush shouldn't move unless you're pushing forward.

Each purchase comes with a three year warranty, so you can get the sweeper repaired if you have any problems. The model is made in the United States using materials that are sourced globally.

In the spring, you can sweep the debris in your lawn to stop mold from forming. Then you can apply herbicide and fertilizer. The sweeper can also be used for de-thatching, which opens the lawn surface.

When summer begins, you'll apply your grub control products. You can also haul mulch around and distribute it to meet your landscaping needs. The sweeper is used to sweep grass clippings.

In the fall, you should apply herbicide and fertilizer again. Make sure your lawn is aerated so that the hard-packed soil is opened. If you didn't seed your lawn during the spring, the fall is the time to do so.

During the winter, you won't need to use the sweeper much. However, you should perform yearly maintenance using the instructions in the owner's manual. This will help you get the most use out of the sweeper without worrying about it breaking down or needing repairs.


  • The model has a storage capacity of 25 cubic feet, and you can easily empty it without needing to leave your seat.
  • The height of the sweeper can be easily adjusted and won't slip.
  • The 44-inch sweeping path can efficiently remove grass clippings from the lawn in a short amount of time.


  • This is one of the pricier sweepers on the market, so it's best if you have a large lawn or need to mow frequently.

Agri-Fab 45-0320 Tow Lawn Sweeper

This tow-style lawn sweeper is a great choice for people who want something similar to the previous option at a lower price. Since the hopper holds 12 cubic feet of clippings, the sweeper is best for people with smaller lawns.

The sweeper also has a weight of just 68 pounds. It's much easier to hook up to a tractor than more cumbersome designs.

The assembly process is relatively fast and simple. Each purchase comes with an instructional video that walks you through the process of putting the pieces together.

Like the previous option, the purchase includes a three-year warranty. This design can also be emptied from your tractor seat, so it's super convenient if you're sweeping large areas.

In addition to the sweeper, there's also a trailer hitch pin that allows you to hitch the design to your tractor. The sweeping path is 42 inches, nearly as wide as the prior option on the list.


  • This is an affordable option for anyone mowing smaller lawns and fields.
  • The package comes with a pin to hitch the sweeper to your tractor and tow it behind you.
  • The hopper can be emptied without needing to leave your tractor seat.


  • Since it needs to be towed behind a tractor, it's not the best choice for people with a push mower.
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Agri-Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper

This push sweeper is a great choice for people who don't have a tractor to tow their equipment. It's also a super affordable option that works well for smaller lawns. With a cutting width of 26 inches, the sweeper is able to handle most suburban lawns with ease.

The product weighs just 25 pounds, making it easy to push even if you don't do a lot of yard work. It is outfitted with a hopper bag that can hold 7 cubic feet of clippings. The collapsible bag design makes it much easier to store the equipment and save space.

The height of the brush can be adjusted with the adjusting tool. You can easily pick up a variety of clippings, leaves, and branches from the lawn without worrying about pulling up your grass.

Even though the construction materials are lightweight, they're also very durable. That's because the synthetic materials have the same durability as metal without the extra weight.

Each purchase comes with the sweeper and the bag. You also get a three year warranty against manufacturing defects, so you can get a replacement or repair if need be.


  • The lightweight push sweeper design doesn't require you to own a tractor or riding lawn mower.
  • Each purchase includes a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • The adjustable height makes it easy to sweep all kinds of small suburban lawns.


  • The bag isn't the easiest to empty, although it can collapse to make storage easier.

Earthwise LSW70021 Push Lawn Sweeper

This push sweeper has a 21-inch sweeping path. It's a good choice for people with smaller lawns. The goal is to eliminate the need to use rakes when tending your lawn in the spring and fall.

The sweeper has a spinning rake that makes it easier to pull up debris and leaves on the ground. The grass catching design leaves your grass intact while removing the debris that might choke the lawn.

This is a super maneuverable design. It also has an adjustable height so that you can more easily pick up debris at different levels on your lawn. The design has been shown to pick up 80 percent of leaves and debris in a single pass.

One thing to keep in mind is that the sweeper isn't the best for heavy debris like rocks, wet branches, and pinecones.

Earthwise is a company that has been in business since 1895. With more than a century of experience, they create equipment that's environmentally friendly and reliable.

This sweeper comes with two brushes for every section. You can use it on your yard, driveway, sidewalk, deck, or patio. You don't need to wrestle with a rake or bend over to pick up branches. The included bag can be easily attached and removed for storage.

Since the design picks up 80 percent of debris on the first pass, it's a great choice to make raking easier. It covers more areas than your broom or rake can. You can use it to pick up clippings after you mow your lawn, or leaves when the trees shed in the fall.

The collection bag can hold 2.6 bushels of leaves. That's a capacity of about 24 gallons. When it's time to empty the bag, you can simply detach it and dump the contents into a compost heap or trash can.

You can adjust the sweeper height using an easy-twist knob. You don't need to use any specialized tools. That makes it easy to transition from asphalt to grass and back again.

The lightweight design can be easily maneuvered around tight spots in the yard. After you've finished your work, you can store the equipment in an outdoor shed or in your garage. It's super compact.


  • This is one of the most maneuverable push sweepers on the market, able to move easily around obstacles and transition between different surfaces.
  • The collection bag can hold more than 24 gallons of leaves and debris.
  • Tests have shown that it picks up 80 percent of dry debris on your lawn with just one pass, making raking much easier.


  • The 21-inch sweeping path is relatively small if you need to work on larger cleanup jobs.
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Yard Commander Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

This 42-inch sweeper is another good option for those looking for a tow model that's effective and affordable. It weighs about 77 pounds, so it won't drag badly on the back of your tractor.

The large cutting width makes it a great choice if you're dealing with a big lawn cleanup. There are also nine adjustable positions for the height, allowing you to transition between different areas with ease.

The hopper can hold nearly 13 cubic feet of debris. There are also four brushes to go over the land. The brushes have a diameter of ten inches.

The design works for grass clippings, twigs, leaves, and other debris. It can handle the majority of debris on your lawn throughout different seasons. Since the wheels are made from rubber, they can handle rough and uneven terrain as well.

In addition to connecting to a garden tractor, the product can also attach to any riding lawnmower or ATV that has a multiple hitch connection. Each design is coated with powder that makes it resistant to rust.

The product is built with an industrial design that lets you dump debris easily. You don't have to wrestle with the bag. When not in use, the bag can collapse and be tucked away so that storage is easier.


  • The rig can be attached to a tractor, riding mower, or ATV, just as long as you have a multi-hitch setup.
  • The strong brushes can remove small and large debris from a variety of surfaces.
  • Each product is treated with anti-rust powder, so you don't need to worry if it gets exposed to moisture.


  • There are 9 predetermined sweeper height settings, rather than letting you customize the height yourself.

Craftsman Hi-Speed Tow Lawn Sweeper

Craftsman is known for making some of the best and most affordable outdoor equipment on the market. This sweeper is no exception. It works at high speeds, making it great for people who want to get their work done quickly.

The large hopper can hold 22 cubic feet of debris, making it one of the biggest hoppers on our list. In addition, the foot-long reinforced brushes pick up more material than the competition.

The large wheels are outfitted with diamond pattern tread. They dig into the ground so that you get traction whether you're on asphalt or muddy ground.

If you tow the product behind a standard sized tractor, you can empty the hopper from your seat.

The high-speed brushes quickly turn so they can pick up more debris. The housing is made with heavy duty steel. This makes the product heavier than much of the competition, which can improve traction and efficiency on slick surfaces.


  • The heavy-duty wheels and steel construction increase traction on muddy, slick, and uneven surfaces.
  • The universal hitch allows the product to be hitched to standard tractors.
  • You can empty the large-capacity hopper without needing to leave your seat.


  • The heavier weight may make it a little more cumbersome to hook up than other options.
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Sun Joe AJ801E Scarifier and Lawn Dethatcher

This product has more uses than a traditional sweeper. It's a versatile option if you're looking for something that can improve your lawn. Since the sweeper's path is only 13 inches, it works best for smaller lawns.

The scarifier cuts through the roots of your grass. This allows for thicker growth on your lawn. If you want more intensive growth in the spring, this is the perfect tool to use.

The tires are wide and have a patterned tread for extra traction. The tines use springy steel technology to pick up as much of the thatch as possible.

Every purchase comes with a two year warranty.

Each product is powered with a 12-amp motor for more powerful pickup. There is also a depth control knob that has five different sweeper positions, allowing you to switch raking depths between surfaces.

Another encouraging feature is the instant start. All you need to do is push a button, and the machine will instantly come to life.


  • The dethatching tools cut through grass roots to encourage thicker, lusher lawn growth.
  • You can place the sweeper at five different heights for maximum raking efficiency.
  • The machine starts with the push of a button, so it's super easy to use.


  • The 13 inch path is relatively narrow for a sweeper, even if you're working with a small lawn.

Brinly STS-42BHDK Lawn Sweeper and Dethatcher

This is one of the most expensive options on the list. That's because in addition to functioning as a lawn sweeper, this product functions as a dethatcher as well. Since it's a tow design rather than a push option, it's a great choice for people with larger lawns.

If you want to dethatch your lawn and sweep it at the same time, this is a great choice. You can cut the overall length of yard work in half. It's possible to sweep and dethatch in the same pass over your grass.

When you aren't using the tines, you can raise them off the ground with the adjustment handle. That means that if you're sweeping without dethatching, you don't need to remove the dethatcher entirely.

There's also an excellent feature called transport mode. When you lock the tines in transport mode, they face the rear of the product. That means you won't have to remove the dethatcher even while you're sweeping heavy debris and leaves.

The design is built with six brushes that pick up a large amount of different debris. The model can handle pine needles, sticks, grass clippings, leaves, and other solid debris.

The hamper has 20 cubic feet of space, which means you won't need to empty it very frequently. In addition, the sweep itself is 42 inches across, one of the largest on the list. That means you don't need to do as many passes around your yard.

When you're removing thatch from the lawn, there are two rows of 12 sharp metal tines. Each tine independently flexes to dig through the soil. The machine acts as a comb through your soil.

Though the design might look a little bulky, don't be fooled. The entire model can fold into a compact size and be stored upright in your garage.

Brinly-Hardy is a family owned company that's been manufacturing agricultural equipment since 1839. All products are manufactured in the United States.


  • The product doubles as both a sweeper and a dethatcher for your lawn.
  • The brushes can pick up most debris in the yard, while the tines independently comb through the soil.
  • You can easily set the tines aside when not using the dethatcher, so it's a simple tool to use as a regular sweeper.


  • The model is more expensive than you'd get if you bought a sweeper without the dethatcher attachment.
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Final Thoughts

There are a variety of lawn sweepers on the market that can suit your needs. The right one depends on the type of job you're doing, whether you need a tow or push option, how large your yard is, and how big your budget is.

For an overall towing sweeper, we recommend the first Agri-Fab option on the list. This sweeper has the largest pathway on our list and can be hitched to a tractor, so it's easy to make efficient work of your yard.

If you want a push sweeper, we recommend the Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper. This choice functions similarly to a push mower. Manufactured with durable and lightweight construction materials, it's a great choice for people who need something a little less heavy-duty.

For those who want a sweeper and a dethatcher in one, the Brinly sweeper is a great choice. In addition to dethatching the lawn, this sweeper is outfitted with many convenience features. For example, you can lift the dethatcher so that the sweeper can be used alone on heavy debris.

For a push dethatcher, the Sun Joe scarifier is a good choice. This piece of agricultural equipment is essential if you want to make the most of your soil. It cuts through grass roots to allow more robust growth. Just keep in mind that the clearing path is much smaller than the other options on the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a tow and push sweeper?

Tow sweepers are attached to another piece of equipment. Push sweepers are pushed manually using a handle, similar to a push lawn mower.

There are a variety of vehicles that a tow sweeper might be attached to. The compatibility depends on the type of hitch used. The most common pieces of machinery are:

  • Garden and lawn tractors
  • Riding mowers
  • ATVs

If you get a tow sweeper, you'll need to make sure that the hitch is compatible with whatever piece of equipment you're using.

If you get a push sweeper, you'll want to take other things into consideration. How wide is the sweeping path? The wider the path, the fewer passes you'll need to make. How heavy is the design? Heavier models will be harder to push, especially on uneven ground.

What components make up a lawn sweeper?

There are several components that make up a typical lawn sweeper. Push sweepers will have a handle, while tow sweepers will have a hitch.

All sweepers will have a housing area for the brushes. This area may be made of heavy-duty polymer plastic, which functions similarly to metal while weighing less. It might also be made of steel, which is heavier and better for uneven areas.

The hopper is the place where debris is held. Most sweepers use a hopper bag. An ideal bag will be made with tear-resistant fabric, since tears can ruin a job.

The last main component is brushes. Sweepers are outfitted with brushes that move along the ground and pick up debris in the grass. They lift that debris into the hopper so you don't need to bend over and do it yourself.

How do I pick a tow sweeper?

If you're looking for a tow sweeper, you'll need to consider three qualities: the hitch, the hopper, and the sweeper width.

The width should be your first consideration. How wide does the clearing path need to be? Most tow-behind options have a width of at least 40 inches. If you're doing industrial work or working with a large lawn, you might need something wider than that.

The volume of the hopper is the next consideration. How much debris can the hopper hold? If you're only using the sweeper for small projects, this isn't a huge concern. But if you're working with a large yard or a lot of debris, you'll need a large hopper to avoid constant dumping.

Some tow models have an easy-empty hopper. You can use a lever to empty and replace the bag without leaving your seat. That improves efficiency and saves a lot of hassle.

Next, consider the hitch. There are a variety of hitches of different heights on the market. You should pick your height based on how you're towing the model. Make sure you know what type of hitch you need for the equipment you'll use.

Sweepers with multi-hitch heights are good for people who aren't sure. The multiple heights allow for more versatile couplings, so you may be able to use the model with an ATV or a garden tractor.


Finally, think about your budget. You want to get a model that can do the job you need without breaking the bank. If you don't need extra bells and whistles, don't invest in them.