Best Loppers

Best Loppers

If you know anything about gardening, you know how important it is to have the right tool for each job. And, if you need to trim or prune thicker branches, loppers are the tool you'll want to grab. Compared to pruning shears, which are best suite for thinner branches or stems, loppers are a more powerful tool that can cut through branches that are up to 2 or 3 inches thick.

Knowing that you need a good pair and loppers and deciding which pair to pick are two different stories. There are a wide array of product types, styles, and price points to consider, which can make it a real challenge to find the best pair of loppers for your needs. Use the information we share below to learn more about some of the top products on the market and identify key factors to consider when shopping.

Top 5: Best Loppers

Garden Pruners

Garden Pruners

TABOR TOOLS GG12A Anvil Lopper with Compound Action

This pair of loppers from Tabor Tools is designed to easily cut through branches up to 2 inches thick. They are ideal for use when removing dry branches when pruning trees.

These loppers using a compound action to reduce the effort you need to exert when cutting through thick branches. Numerous pivot points allow the force you apply to be multiplied by 3 for highly effective results.

They feature a sharp carbon steel blade with a non-stick coating. The hard carbon steel blade makes quick and easy work of cutting through branches, and the non-stick coating protects them from rusting and makes it easy to clean off sap, dirt, and other grime from the blades. The blades arrive sharp and can be resharpened should they dull. Replacement blades are also available to keep your loppers like new without having to purchase a whole new pair.

Each handle includes a comfort rubberized grips to protect your hands and keep the loppers from slipping as you work. The handles also feature an ergonomic design for maximum comfort and decreased fatigue when working. The handles are 22 inches long for a total length of 30 inches for maximum control and leverage when reaching high branches.


  • They use a compound action to increase the force you exert for easy cutting.
  • They non-stick carbon steel blade is durable and resists rusting.
  • Comfort rubberized grips and ergonomically-designed handles help reduce fatigue and keep the loppers from sliding at you cut.


  • These loppers are more expensive than many other options.

Corona SL 4364 DualLINK with ComfortGEL Grip

Corona's DualLINK Loppers are another top choice to consider. They feature extendable handles that adjust from 27 ½ inches to 37 ½ inches to meet the demands of each cutting task. Extend one or both handles to find the perfect angle for each cutting job.

This pair of loppers has trapezoid steel handles. This material is durable to help ensure the loppers will continue to work for many years to come. The blade features a 2-zone design to accommodate both small and large cuts. The lopper's powerful blades can easily cut through branches that are up to 1 ¾ inches thick.

To keep users comfortable as they work, these loppers also have a shock guard bumper. The bumper helps decrease shoulder fatigue to allow individuals to finish each task they want to complete. A ComfortGEL grip covers the ends of the handles to reduce hand fatigue and ensure a solid grip while working.


  • The handles are extendable.
  • The 2-zone trapezoid steel handles make it easy to cut through thick or thin branches.
  • The shock guard bumper works to decrease shoulder fatigue from operating the loppers.


  • Other options can cut through thicker branches.

iGarden 3 Piece Combo Garden Tool Set with Lopper, Hedge Shears and Pruner Shears

Next, consider this 3- piece garden tool set from iGarden. The set includes a lopper, hedge shear, and bypass pruner. Each piece of the set features durable carbon steel blades for powerful and effective performance. The carbon blades stay sharp for repeated uses and offer a rust-resistant coating.

The tools in this set each also offer comfortable rubber grip handles for decreased fatigue and maximum control when working. Holes are integrated into the design of the handles to allow for hanging storage options.

The lopper in the set features a bypass design. It is optimal for cutting through soft, green branches that are up to 1 ½ inches thick.

The hedge shears in the set have an undulating blade design. This blade design allows them to very precisely cut shrubs or hedges for a clean finish. The bypass pruners can cut thin branches and stems up to 5/8-inch thick.


  • This set includes hedge shears and pruning shears in addition to the loppers.
  • Each tool features a non-stick carbon steel blade and rubber grip handles.
  • The lopper's bypass design makes them a good choice for trimming soft green branches.


  • The loppers in this set do not offer the same quality and performance as those available for purchase outside of a set.

T-MAI 28~40'' Extendable Anvil Lopper

The T-MAI Anvil Lopper features an extendable design for use for a variety of cutting tasks. The telescoping rod allows users to adjust the length from 27 inches to 40 inches. Once set to the desired length, simply lock the loppers in place for safety when working.

The retractable rod on this pair of loppers is constructed from a sturdy and durable aluminum alloy. The aluminum material also resists rusting for added quality. Additionally, the aluminum material keeps these loppers as a lightweight option that will make it easier to use them for multiple cutting tasks without getting over fatigued

The loppers feature a sharp, radian-toothed blade to cut through branches up to 1.9 inches thick. Use the three gear options to customize the width of the cutting mouth to meet the demands of each task.

If for some reasons you are not happy with your purchase, don't hesitate to reach out to T-MAI. They can work with you to improve your experience or refund your purchase price.


  • They can cut through branches up to 1.9 inches thick.
  • The width of the cutting mouth and the handle length are adjustable.
  • The handles are made from a lightweight aluminum for reduced fatigue.


  • This pair of loppers is not as well-constructed and durable as other options. Some user experienced issues with the handles popping out and needing to be put back together.

Fiskars 28 Inch Bypass Lopper

Finally, consider this pair of bypass loppers from Fiskars. Their bypass design makes them an optimal choice for cutting green branches and other soft, living growths. They can cut through branches that are up to 1 ½ inches thick.

The loppers feature a hard, precision-ground steel blade. This blade style is designed to remain sharp, even after multiple uses.

The blade is covered with a low-friction coating. This coating allows it to easily cut through wood without getting covered with sap. The coating also makes the blade rust-resistant to ensure a longer lifespan for the loppers.

This product has a 28-inch length. A comfort grip is included at the end of each handle to prevent the loppers from sliding while working and reduce user fatigue.


  • They can cut through soft, green branches up to 1 ½ inches thick.
  • The precision-ground steel blade stays sharp even with heavy use.
  • A low-friction coating covers the blade to protect it from rusting and getting gummed up with sap and dirt.


  • Since these are bypass loppers, they are not a good choice for cutting through thick dry tree branches.
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Buying Guide

Before you purchase a new pair of loppers, there are number of different features and factors to consider. Each pair of loppers are not identical, so making sure you select a pair that will suit your needs is important. Consider the features outlined below before making a purchase.

Cutting Blade Style

Loppers are available in two different styles: anvil and bypass. Each style is best suited for different uses and types of branches.

An anvil lopper has a stationary base with a sharp moveable blade that pressed down on the groove, anvil, on the lopper when cutting a branch. This lopper type is ideal for use when trimming dry branches that are more brittle and easier to snap.

However, their design does not make them the best choice for softer green branches. Anvil loppers may smoosh soft branches and make jagged tears, rather than a clean cut.

Bypass loppers, on the other hand, are a better option for green branches that are too soft for a pair of anvil loppers. They have a design similar to scissors with overlapping sharp blades that allows for a smooth cut of these softer branches. However, if you're trying to trim thicker, hard branches, a bypass lopper will not work as well, and the blades will become dull.

Blade Materials

There are three main materials used to make the blades of a pair of loppers. Each option is a type of steel, but there is still a lot of variability between these choices.

Stainless steel loppers resist staining and rusting and have a nice clean, and polished look. However, compared to carbon steel, stainless steel is not as strong and may bend when cutting a particularly thick branch. Once a pair of stainless steel loppers gets dull, it will also be more difficult to sharpen than other options.

Carbon steel loppers have a very strong and durable blade and are typically the best choice to cut through thick branches. However, unlike stainless steel blades, carbon steel blades will rust. If you use carbon steel loppers, be sure to wipe down the blades each time you finish using the loppers to remove any moisture and prevent rust from forming.

Some carbon steel loppers feature a non-stick coating, which can prevent rusting from being an issue. The coating, which may be made from titanium or Teflon, also allows stickier residues, like sap, to be cleaned off the loppers. Non-stick-coated loppers often remain sharpest for the longest amounts of time as well, making them an all-around excellent option.

Length and Weight

Consider the length and weight of each pair of loppers to choose the one that is best suited to your needs. Loppers can range in length from about 15 inches to around 40 inches. Shorter loppers are better for smaller pruning jobs, while longer models can help you tackle larger jobs.

In addition to considering the length of each option, be sure to also take the weight into account. Trimming with a heavy pair of loppers, especially when reaching up high to get branches, can be tiring, and if the loppers are too heavy, you may not be able to complete the tasks you need to.

Cutting Action

Next, compare the cutting action use by each pair of loppers. Manual loppers have just one screw on the fulcrum and users control them by opening and closing the handles. They feature the least amount of strength and pressure and are best suited to smaller jobs.

Some loppers use a ratcheting action. When the handles are squeezed together, it causes the blades to latch in place. The user can then reopen the blades and squeeze them closed again to continue the cutting action. These can be more effective at cutting through thick stems and branches.

Another cutting action you may find with some loppers is a compound action. These models have pivoting arms at their fulcrum that works to deliver a greater cutting force. They are even more powerful for cutting thick branches, but will also be heavier to manage.


Finally, consider the grip on each pair of loppers. Look for loppers that offer a more padded grip to keep your hands more comfortable as you work and keep them from slipping out. Without a good grip, your hands will tire more quickly, and you may develop blisters.

Our Favourite

Now that you've read through our reviews for some of the best loppers on the market, it is time to reveal our top pick. While any of the options shared above could be a good solution for your tree-trimming needs, the Tabor Tools Compound Action Loppers are our top pick. These loppers use a compound action to easily cut through branches that are 2-icnhes thick.

TABOR TOOLS GG12A Anvil Lopper with Compound Action

They have a hard and durable carbon steel blade that will stay sharp over many uses. The blade's non-stick coating makes it easier to clean and helps prevent rust from forming.

These loppers are also designed to be comfortable to use. They have a rubberized grip and ergonomic handle design to reduce fatigue and keep the loppers securely in the hands of the user as they work. The handles are 22 inches long, giving the loppers a total length of 30 inches to ensure leverage and cutting strength when trimming high branches.

Tabor Tool's Compound Action Loppers are our top pick, and we think you'll be impressed with their performance. However, since all of the products we reviewed are top-quality choices, you really can't go wrong if you think one of the other options offers a better fit for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are loppers?

Loppers are similar to pruning shears, but are designed for bigger tasks, such as trimming thick branches. Depending on the model and design, they can cut through branches up to three inches thick.

Which is better, anvil or bypass loppers?

Anvil and bypass loppers are each best for cutting different types of branches. Because of their design, anvil loppers work best for cutting through thicker or dried branches, while bypass loppers are the best choice for cutting through soft and green branches that would smoosh with a pair of anvil loppers.

What is the difference between pruners and loppers?

Pruners are smaller than loppers. They are operated using just one hand for trimming twigs and stems that are less than an inch thick. Loppers are designed for tougher jobs and are operated using two hands to cut through limbs that are up to 2 or 3 inches thick.

What are ratchet loppers?

Ratchet loppers have a ratchet mechanism that makes more gradual cuts possible. When the handles are closed, the blades are locked in place and the handle can be re-opened and closed again to cut through more of the branch.

Can you sharpen loppers?

Yes, loppers should be kept sharp in order for them to perform their job effectively. Before sharpening a pair of loppers, be sure to clean the blades and get rid or any dirt of sap.

How thick of a branch can loppers cut?

The size, power, and design of each lopper will impact how the thickness of branches it can cut through. Most loppers can handle branches that are around 2 inches thick, while some can cut through branches up to 3 inches thick.