Best Outdoor Storage Sheds

Best Outdoor Storage Sheds

Do you feel like you're drowning in your things? Are you running out of room in your garage to store your tools and gardening supplies? An outdoor storage shed might be exactly what you need.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing an outdoor shed. You'll need to take the weather into account, decide how much space you need, and make sure you can organize efficiently.

We've taken a look at some of the best storage sheds on the market. These affordable spaces can thrive in a variety of different climates. There should be a recommendation that suits you.

Top 8: Best Outdoor Storage Sheds

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Keter Manor Outdoor Storage Shed Kit

This small storage shed has a space of 4 by 6 feet, which means it's great for smaller yards that don't have much extra room. You can use it to store your bike accessories, garden tools, pool accessories, patio furniture, lawn mower, and any other outdoor items.

The grey and white construction is appealing to a wide range of different backyards. Whether you live in the suburbs or in a rural area, this little storage shed won't seem out of place. The 6.5-foot height makes it easy to step inside and find what you're looking for.

The total storage capacity is just shy of 132 cubic feet. If you make use of the vertical space, you should be able to store the majority of your items.

Another important selling point is the resin construction. The resin plastic is weather-resistant and doesn't peel. You don't have to worry about rust or rot in moist weather, and you'll never need to repaint the surface. The pieces are reinforced with steel to hold up to storms and other inclement weather.

In addition to being weather resistant, the model is protected from UV rays and water. You don't need to worry about the floor being flooded or your equipment becoming sun-damaged. There is also a window and skylight to allow natural light inside, and the vents let fresh air circulate inside.

The faux-wood texture looks like regular home siding. It's a great choice no matter where you live.

No maintenance is required. The construction is also super secure, so it's a good choice if you're concerned about potential theft. Assembly is easy, since the kit comes with instructions and all pieces labeled. You can also easily clean the siding with a cloth or your garden hose.

Overall, this is one of the best storage shed choices if you have limited space. The shed doesn't even need a foundation. All you have to do is install it on level ground.


  • The model is stylish and built with a durable resin that resembles wooden siding.
  • The design has a window for natural light and ventilation to let fresh air circulate.
  • The door has a lock, and the construction is weatherproof, waterproof, and resistant to UV damage.


  • There are no interior shelving options, so you'll have to get creative to make the most of the vertical space.

Keter Factor Outdoor Storage Shed Kit

This is another excellent storage shed option from Keter. The kit creates a 6 by 3 foot shed that can store your garage tools, patio furniture, pool accessories, lawn ornaments, lawn mower, and other items. The design comes in neutral brown and taupe coloring.

The longer length makes this shed easier to access. It has wide double doors that can be opened to view the interior contents. In total, there is a storage capacity of about 110 cubic feet. If you have a length of space without much depth, this is a great option to maximize the potential.

Like the previous option on the list, this storage shed is made from resin. The construction is resistant to weather, UV light, and water. It won't rust or rot the same way that other materials will. The frame has been reinforced by steel, so the shed won't be damaged by storms.

The shed is outfitted with a vent to allow for natural air circulation. It also has a skylight that provides natural light, making it easy to see what you're doing.

Assembly is simple. Since the structure is waterproof, cleaning is also simple. You just need to wipe the walls down or spray them with your garden hose. The lockable door allows for additional security - all you need to add is a padlock.

Unlike the previous option on the list, this shed actually has shelving options. It comes with brackets that allow you to add your own shelves with plywood. If you want a way to organize your smaller tools and keep them away from the ground, this is a great choice.


  • The weatherproof and waterproof construction includes a lockable door for extra security.
  • There are shelving brackets included, so you can make good use of the vertical space for your smaller tools and objects.
  • There is excellent ventilation and lighting, allowing fresh air to move throughout the structure.


  • There's less total storage capacity than the previous option on the list.
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Keter Premier Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

This tall outdoor shed is another great option from Keter. It is completely waterproof, weather resistant, and resistant to UV damage. Like the other Keter options, you don't have to worry about rot or rust. There are steel frames to increase the durability.

This is one of the smaller options. There are wide double doors that open and allow you to look at everything inside. The shed is less than 2.5 feet deep, but it's almost 5 feet in length and over 5.5 feet tall. The total storage capacity is about 62 cubic feet.

If you're looking for a shed with shelving options, this is a great choice. Though the shelves themselves aren't included, the shed does have adjustable brackets that let you insert two shelves. Since the brackets are adjustable, you can also choose the height of the shelving for maximum customization.

The doors are built with metal hinges. They're capable of dealing with a lot of heavy use. You can use a padlock and chain to keep them closed and secure. A sloped floor allows you to roll things inside with ease.


  • The wide double doors and sloped floor make it easy to wheel heavy equipment inside.
  • There are adjustable brackets that allow you to install two shelves at whatever height you want.
  • The resin construction is resistant to sun damage, water, and inclement weather.


  • The design doesn't have a lot of ventilation or windows for natural light.

Suncast BMS4900 Horizontal Storage Shed

This storage option from Suncast is one of the most heavy-duty options on the market. It's a little more expensive than some others, but that's because of the excellent construction. Each shed comes with 98 total cubic feet of storage space. The deep depth makes it easy to store large equipment and furniture, with a 25 square foot floor.

The beautiful construction is built from durable resin. Each panel has multiple walls and has been engineered to provide stability and strength, even when dealing with strong weather patterns. There is also a reinforced floor that's built to hold heavy equipment like lawnmowers and patio furniture.

The sliding lid allows you to access everything from the top of the shed. As such, it's much easier to get to your belongings. The side doors allow you to easily roll heavy equipment in and out, so you don't have to lift your lawn mower off the ground.

A padlock hasp allows you to lock the door for extra security. Assembling the kit is easy, and the shed requires very little maintenance. Cleaning it is easy. The design is built for use in all types of weather, so it's a good choice regardless of your climate.

In addition, the product comes with a 10 year warranty. That means that you can get a replacement or repair done if you have any problems within the first decade. If you're concerned about potential weather hazards, a long warranty is a great investment.


  • The reinforced floor is able to support heavy equipment like your lawn mower, snow blower, or heavy outdoor furniture.
  • The construction is built to withstand all types of weather, so it works well regardless of your current climate.
  • The gliding lid allows you to access your items from the top, while the side doors let you roll your heavier objects in and out.


  • This is one of the pricier options on the list.
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Outdoor Solar Lights

Suncast 99 Gallon Outdoor Storage Container

If you're looking for a more compact storage space instead of a full shed, this is a great option from Suncast. It's also available in three different color configurations. The box is slightly raised and built to be mounted on your deck or porch.

The wicker design is made from resin plastic. It's capable of holding almost 100 gallons of items. You can use it to store accessories for your garage, porch, yard, and patio. The water-resistant materials won't rust or fade in the sun, so the design will keep looking beautiful for ages.

In addition to being built for outdoor use, you can also use this storage box indoors. If you want to store sports equipment, furniture cushions, grilling supplies, yardwork tools, or pool toys, this is the place to go. It keeps your small outdoor objects in an accessible area.

The lid of the storage bin opens using hinges, so you can easily access the items. The curved roof allows rain and moisture to flow away, so you don't need to worry about rust or mold in the interior.

The box is a little over two feet high and two feet in depth. It has a length of slightly more than four feet.


  • The versatile and compact storage bin can hold outdoor accessories and small objects, and it can even be kept indoors.
  • The water-resistant resin protects your items, while the curved roof propels rain away to keep the interior dry.
  • The hinged lid can easily open and close so you can access your items without issue.


  • Since it isn't a full shed, there's not enough storage space for large equipment or heavy furniture.

Rubbermaid Medium Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed

Rubbermaid is known for making some of the best storage tools on the market. The same is true of this outdoor storage shed. The shed is 5 by 4 feet and has a ton of vertical space. You just need to be sure that you don't place more than 50 pounds on any one wall panel.

The resin materials are resistant to leaks and dents. They're also resistant to cold weather and storms. In total, the storage capacity of the shed is about 127 feet.

You can easily assemble this kit using the accompanying instructions. Since the floor is so deep, it's a great choice for storing bulky items like patio chairs. If you've had a hard time finding enough floor space for your outdoor equipment, this is a good place to look.

The heavy-duty floor is also a helpful component. It is resistant to impacts and supports a good deal of weight. In addition, the door can be padlocked for additional security, though you'll need to get the lock yourself.

The design is compatible with wall anchors from Rubbermaid. These allow you to add shelves, pegboards, and whatever other accessories you need to organize your tools. Because of this, this is one of the easiest storage options for maximizing your vertical space.


  • The depth is great for storing bulky items like chairs, tables, and large equipment.
  • You can customize your interior organization by using wall anchors to hang pegboard and shelves.
  • This has one of the largest cubic amounts of space on the list, and it's easy to utilize with the customized organizational tools.


  • You cannot hang more than 50 pounds of tools and equipment on any of the walls.
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Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

BS Lockable Storage Cabinet

If you're looking for an outdoor storage space that already has shelves, this cabinet is a great place to start. Though it's not a traditional shed, it is capable of holding multiple outdoor accessories and objects. There are four shelves, plus a fifth space on the floor of the cabinet.

The cabinet comes with two doors to make access easy. In addition to using it outside, you can also use it indoors to organize your pantry, kitchen, garage, or dorm room.

The shelves can be adjusted, so you can easily place them at whatever height you want. The organizer is built with sleek gray panels that look great both inside and outside. It's an affordable choice if you want an outdoor organizer but can't afford the expenses of an entire shed.

The doors are also lockable. If you're concerned about security, this is a good cabinet to store your tools. Just keep in mind that the doors aren't weatherproof, so it's possible that your items will get wet during heavy rain.


  • The sleek cabinet can be installed inside or outside, and the plastic material doesn't retain water.
  • There are four adjustable shelves, so you can maximize your vertical spacing by choosing the perfect shelf heights.
  • The doors are lockable and easy to access, so you have extra security when storing your belongings.


  • The design only works for storing small objects, so it's not the best if you need to store heavy and bulky equipment.

Rubbermaid Slide-Lid Resin Storage Shed

This is another excellent storage shed option from Rubbermaid. It is built with double walls to increase durability, so you don't need to worry during storms. The construction is resistant to leaks, dents, and inclement weather.

The lid is built with rollers that allow it to slide back. That way, you can easily access the interior. You don't have to worry about items getting lost in the back.

The kit comes with eight included wall hangers, which makes it easy to customize the interior.


  • The sliding lid lets you view the interior with ease.
  • You can store bulky objects on the floor.
  • There are 8 wall hangers included to let you customize your storage.


  • It doesn't have the most storage space of the sheds on our list.

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of options available if you want an outdoor storage shed. Even if you don't get a traditional shed, you can still purchase organizational space for your yard.

Overall, we recommend the Keter Manor kit. It comes with the most cubic feet of space on the list. If you want a choice that has shelving options, you can also check out the Keter Factor, which includes shelving brackets with the supples.