Bootstrap Farmer Review

Bootstrap Farmer Review

Founded in 2015 in North Carolina, Bootstrap Farmer is a well-known supplier of greenhouse products to farmers across the US. It is a small to mid-sized firm that sells products and services in the propagation niche. According to our online research, Bootstrap Farmer gets an overall score of 4.5 out of 5. The score is based on brand popularity, price competitiveness, customer reviews and the quality and breadth of products Bootstrap Framer offers its customers.

The popular gardening store competes against similar stores like Telegraph Garden Shop, Gardener’s Supply, White Flower Farm, The Sill, and True Leaf Market. According to our detailed review of Bootstrap farmer against her competitors, the firm is growing in popularity than most brands in its category.

How Did I Find out About Bootstrap Farmer?

My wife and I had been using plastic seed-starting trays and cells for a few years to grow plants through all four seasons. All along, there’s one thing that always chagrined us with the trays: We were lucky to get one or two seasons of service from the flimsy trays. They always end up cracked, broken or simply became too brittle to reuse. I remember thinking how nice it would be to simply have a tray that I could use over the years.

Bootstrap Farmer Review

After a few seasons of struggle, the internet came to my aid. Susan, my lovely wife, found Bootstrap Farmer, a company that was claimed to have sturdier and better-designed trays and cells. They also had plenty of other seed starting supplies.

After doing some research about Bootstrap farmer, we found out that they are in fact a family farm that grows produce for their own food truck. Realizing that they could not continue working with the low-quality seed starting supplies available in the market, they started making longer-lasting ones. Some of their seed starting supplies include;

  • High-quality seed starting trays and extra-strength mesh-bottom seed starting trays for Ladbrooke soil blocks.
  • 72-cell seed starting trays plus 2” seed starting pots (pots are preferred for edible hibiscus sabdariffa and soil locks for tomatoes).
  • 5-gallon grow bags to protect your in-ground shallots from voles before it is time to harvest them.
  • Humidity domes to help you keep the moisture levels high for seed germination. It should be removed as soon as the seeds germinate to prevent them from damping off.
  • DIY greenhouse kits and green house accessories.
  • Bootstrap Farmer incubators.
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Bootstrap Farmer Pros and Cons

By comparing them to their close competitors, we were able to find the strengths and weaknesses of Bootstrap Farmer’s products and services.


  • Great life expectancy.
  • Good indoor friendliness.
  • Quality customer support services.
  • Good product guarantee.
  • Free shipping policies.
  • Fast delivery time.


  • They do not currently offer specific price matching and coupon features for their customers.
  • They also didn’t offer discount for students, military and seniors at the time of our last review.

Review of Bootstrap Farmer’s Payment, Discount and Shipping Policies

A Review of Bootstrap Farmer’s Payment Methods

After an in-depth review of Bootstrap Farmer’s support for available payment methods like debit cards, Google Pay, PayPal, and Apple Pay, we found out that they accept payment methods beyond the standard credit card payment options.

Bootstrap Farmer Review

Bootstrap Farmer currently accepts payments through Pay Pal. You could learn more on the available methods of payments by visiting Bootstrap Farmer’s official website.

A Review of Bootstrap Farmer’s Discount Polices

Bootstrap Farmer does not quite match up with competitors like Gardener’s Supply in terms of its discount policies. On review of their discount offering for various customers such as military veterans, teachers, and seniors, we found out that they may or may not offer special pricing or discounts in accordance to their store policy.

However, at the time of our last review, they did not offer senior discounts, military discounts, and student discounts. Visit Bootstrap Farmer to get more details on their current discount policies.

A Review of Bootstrap Farmer’s Shipping Policies

This is where Bootstrap tramples its competitors. After reviewing their shipping policies, return policies and shipping rates, we found it to offer great service and support. In specific, Bootstrap Farmers offers shipping and return policies such as free shipping. However, at the time of our latest review, Bootstrap Farmer did not offer free returns and exchanges in their shipping and exchanges offering.

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Bootstrap Farmer Seed Starting Supplies

Since Bootstrap is bent on creating durable and high quality products that can resist wear and tear, it would not make any sense to write a review immediately after purchasing the products. We had to wait and see how well they do in all seasons, and how long they can actually last when in service. We decided to replace our flimsy plastic seed starting trays with the Bootstrap farer Seed Starting trays and put them through a full growing season or two. It has now been a year and a half since we began using the trays and they seem to be in a great condition. In fact, they could go for another two years at this rate!

Bootstrap Farmer Review

Since the temperatures outside can change quite sharply during winter and spring, we tend to beat up the seedling trays quite a lot. As it gets warmer outside, we take the trays out to get some sunlight then bring them back in when the temperatures are too low outside. It is quite common to drop the trays, especially during transplantation. They easily smack themselves against rocks or the floor. Consequently, this could end the life of a typical plastic seed starting tray.

Bootstrap Farmer trays and cells are evidently strong and sturdy right from opening up the shipping package. They do not break even when banged against the floor or rocks when moving them outside and inside the house. In fact, it cannot crumble under the weight of a 30-pound person! Compared to a standard tray, Bootstrap Farmer trays are much stronger and sturdier.

Bootstrap Farmer has also made slight differences in shape, size, and depth of its products. This makes them better and easier to use. For instance, I could tell the people who designed the 72 cell trays were actual farmers who have an eye for detail. As a result of the precise size and shape of the 72-cell trays, every seed we sowed during the winter had a healthy root and shoot system and they grew vigorously.

Even after the wear and tear of seed starting and transplantation that we took the Bootstrap Farmer trays through in the winter and spring, every tray and cell remained in the same condition we bought them in. Though obviously a little dirty, the cells and trays of the Bootstrap Farmer seed starting supplies had no cracks and breaks on them. We simply had nothing to replace at the end of the year!

Bootstrap Farmer Gardening Plans

It can save a lot of time in the long run by having a good gardening plan. Bootstrap Farmer provides detailed plans on how you can get an area plotted out on a sheet of paper, helping you plan your farm in a way that optimizes produce and that is easy.

Bootstrap Farmer Review

Among the most important rules in planting, according to Bootstrap Farmer, is knowing the spacing requirements for each plant before planning it out on paper. This will help you know the best crop to plant in a certain section of your farm. Along with understanding the spacing required for every crop you intend to plant on the farm, it is essential to consider the height of mature crops. According to Bootstrap Farmer, it is best to plant taller crops on the northern part of your farm and the shorter ones in the southern part. This goes a long way in making sure that your taller crops do not shade the shorter ones, which is detrimental to crop growth.

On top of this, it is essential that you find crops that grow well together. This, according to Bootstrap Farmer, is referred to as companion planting. It is essential to know that some crops affect others negatively when planted on the same part of the farm while others help each other in terms of nutrients. For instance, maize grows well with beans. That is due to the fact that beans provide maize with proteins in the soil and maize does not compete with legumes in terms of nutrient needs.

Bootstrap Famer’s gardening plans also require the farmer to know how to select the appropriate seeds to sow. According to them, it is essential to pick out the seed varieties that would do well in your area. Additionally, their gardening plans teach novice farmers on when to plant and propagate seeds as well as the best soil mix to plant your seeds. All essential steps of the gardening process, Bootstrap farmer insists they all be considered and carried out appropriately for a good harvest.

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Bootstrap Farmer’s Guide to Planting in Cell Trays

As we would expect from the manufacturer of quality cell trays, Bootstrap Farmer also teaches farmers on how they should go about planting in the cell trays. According to them, cell trays should be filled halfway with soil and then compacted by placing another tray over the tray you are planting into. Doing this using Bootstrap’s trays will also create little divots to plant your seeds in.

Bootstrap Farmer Review

According to Bootstrap Farmer, you could sow up to three seeds in each cell before covering up the remaining half of the tray with potting soil. Also, make sure to generously provide your newly sowed seeds with water. You can then use Bootstrap Farmer’s humidity dome to cover your trays and place them on a shelf or heat mat.

Bootstrap’s humidity domes are designed to provide your germinating crops with the perfect conditions. You should also make sure to label your seedlings appropriately and consistently check on their health as they continue to grow. Also, humidity domes should be removed as soon as you notice signs of germination. This, according to Bootstrap Farmer’s guide, is essential to keep mold from forming.

Bootstrap also provides guides to farmers on how to grow your seedlings under a grow light, how often to water your seedlings, as well as when to transplant and harden off your seedlings. These guides are essential if any farmer wants to achieve optimum results from their gardening experience. You can view the detailed directions on how to go about creating a good gardening plan on Bootstrap’s official blog page.

Review of Products from Bootstrap Farmer

In a move to see what exactly Bootstrap offers to farmers, we reviewed a total of 70 products available on Amazon and more than 5,000 reviews for their products on Amazon. In general, Bootstrap Farmer’s products are of high quality and precise measurement and they are also easy on your pocket. Below are some of the products we reviewed and found to be most competitive in the market:

1010 Shallow Seed Trays for Propagation

1010 Shallow Seed Trays for Propagation

According to all reviews for the product on Amazon, the 1010 Shallow Seed Trays for Propagation are of the best quality in the market. According to a few reviews, the customers had earlier purchased trays for propagation from other companies.

However, they were of much poorer quality. Apart from being tough and sturdy, they are ingeniously designed to provide the best growth conditions for your seedlings.

Greenhouse U Channel Lock

Greenhouse U Channel Lock

As said earlier, Bootstrap Farmer was founded by farmers who wanted better quality propagation accessories. From the look of things, they have been pretty good at it. The Greenhouse U Channel is the definition of quality and prowess.

Apart from being of top-notch quality, this U Channel Lock is shipped impressively fast. In fact, nearly all reviewers of the product applaud the company for fast delivery.

Seed Starter Pots- 2.5” Extra Strength

Seed Starter Pots- 2.5” Extra Strength

As their name suggests, these 2.5” seed starter pots are designed to be much sturdier than any other in the market. According to customer reviews on Amazon, most of them were pleased with the quality of the seed starter pots, with some of them claiming that they have been using the same seed starter pots they bought more than a year ago.

Hoop House Ground Posts for High Tunnel Greenhouses

Hoop House Ground Posts for High Tunnel Greenhouses

Most verified customers of these hoop house ground posts claim they are impressed with how sturdily and precise they have been built. Others were also impressed with the time in which the product was delivered to them.

1020 Colored Seed Starting Trays

1020 Colored Seed Starting Trays

Apart from being impressively heavy and well built, these 1020 seed starting trays come in an assortment of beautiful colors. Most customers who purchased the product were impressed with the time of delivery as well as the quality and design of the products. Most of them swear to return when thinking of purchasing any more trays for propagation.

Greenhouse Plastic- 4 Year UVA Clear

Greenhouse Plastic- 4 Year UVA Clear- With free shipping

Most reviewers of this product also acknowledge the quality at which Bootstrap Farmer creates its products. Most buyers of Greenhouse Plastic have already bought products from the company before and were impressed by the design and build.

Greenhouse Plastic does not disappoint. In fact, there are a few customers that swear to recommend the firm’s products to anyone in a jiffy.

1020 Microgreen Trays- Shallow Extra Strength Black

1020 Microgreen Trays- Shallow Extra Strength Black

If you are looking for shallow trays to grow you crops on, I do not think there is higher quality in the market. Having used these trays myself, I can honestly say that the quality is miles ahead of competition, and the design is as impressive as their build. It is really another impressive work of art from Bootstrap Farmer.

1020 Extra Strength Trays

1020 Extra Strength Trays

Having also bought and used these, I can attest to the high quality build of these trays. I do not think of any other company in the market that makes them better. The spacing of cells is on point and the durability of the trays is amazing.

I can see them lasting a few more years before having to replace them. All customer reviews of the product on Amazon are excitingly positive. I would encourage trying these out first if you are looking for the perfect trays to propagate your broccoli or peas.

1020 Microgreen Trays- Shallow Extra Strength Colors

1020 Microgreen Trays- Shallow Extra Strength Colors

These microgreen trays from Bootstrap Farmer are lightweight yet rugged and sturdy. They are perfect if you will be moving your seedlings often. It is amazingly hard to put a crack on these and with an ergonomic design, they are the best for carrying your seedlings outside or inside.

To check out more Bootstrap Farmer products, you can hop onto their official website and take a look for yourself. Am sure they have what you need for your propagation needs.

My Verdict!

I have been propagating seedlings from a tender age. With the modern age of technology, my wife and I can now grow our crops indoors using grow bulbs. However, we have had to struggle with low quality seed stating trays for a while before we came to know of Bootstrap. The quality of their products can allow you to use the same trays for years, which is great for our budget and the health of our crops.

In my opinion, no one matches the quality of seed starting trays, cells, greenhouses and greenhouse accessories that Bootstrap offers. It is no wonder the company is making such a huge impression on the online market. What’s more, they have fast delivery, which means you can begin planting your seeds in time.