Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money

Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money

Maintaining a garden can often be quite expensive. Especially with the price of mulch, keeping the front lawn thriving isn't always an affordable hobby.

For that reason, some people have begun to wonder whether they can skip mulch. Still, from our perspective, it would be better to find more affordable approaches. That way, you can continue using mulch.

Plus, you won't have to worry about the unaffordable price.

What Is Mulch?

Mulch is a rather broad topic. Although it seems simple at first glance, there is much more than meets the eye. Still, its uses are relatively straightforward. Mulch can be anything you use to cover the ground on your lawn.

Most of the time, people tend to use mulch is made out of bark. Since these look rather natural, you'll hardly notice them unless you look. Nevertheless, these are also rather expensive.

Best Wood Chippers

Best Wood Chippers

Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money

Why Should You Use Mulch?

Even though they are expensive, it's important for you to use them. By applying quality mulches, you help maintain the health of your soil. Each of the following factors is impacted by your mulch.

Improve Soil Fertility

How well have things been growing in your lawn lately? If it has been a struggle, then consider using organic mulch. By applying one of those, you add essential nutrients to the soil.

Helps Retain Soil Moisture

In some environments, maintaining moisture is of the utmost concern. Without constant vigilance, it won't take long for the soil to dry out. The right mulch to make this problem disappear. By retaining moisture, it'll ensure everything has the perfect amount of water.

Reduces the Prevalence of Weeds

Plus, by applying mulch, you'll never have to worry about picking through the weeds. Of course, that's mildly hyperbolic. There will still be a few of them. However, it'll take a few minutes to clean them out instead of a few hours.

It Even Improves Appearances

A huge reason many people purchase mulch is because of the way it looks. Thankfully, mulch is much lower maintenance than grass. Therefore, by applying an aesthetic mulch, you can maintain appearances without as much effort.

Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money


Of course, pretty much everyone has the paper delivered. Suppose you got a few of them stacked up in the garage. If that happened to be the case, then you could use those as mulch for your lawn.

That way, they want to keep taking up space. Plus, you'll avoid racking up huge fees purchasing mulch. In the end, ripped up newspapers do the job just as well.

Often, Available for Free

Not to mention, since they are so common, it's not hard to find them for free. If that happens, you won't have to spend anything at all to cover your whole lawn with mulch.

Can Be Biodegradable

On top of that, these tend to be biodegradable. Thus, you won't have to worry about any harmful environmental effects. Instead, you'll be providing a much-needed source of nutrients for the soil.

Best Pruning Saws

Best Pruning Saws

Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money

Grass Clippings

How often do you cut your lawn? Afterward, there should be a ton of clippings left over. With those, you can create an organic mulch that's out of this world.

Plus, since you owe the lawn anyway, you won't have to go too far out of your way. By doing that, you'll save money while being efficient with your time.

Can Act As a Direct Composting System

When you apply grass clippings to the lawn, bacteria begin to break them down. Over time, this deposits nutrients into the soil. While your lawn might not look like much, a ton of activity happens beneath the surface.

Helps to Nourish the Lawn

As those nutrients are absorbed, it restores the health of your soil. Then, you can rely on a healthy lawn next year. In this way, you can reduce your expenses plus maintain your soil.

Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money


When was the last time you replaced the tires on your car? Afterward, did you keep the tires with you? If so, then those could be perfect to create a synthetic. In fact, at the store, you can probably purchase recycled tires as mulch.

Instead of going to the store, rip up the tires yourself. By tearing them apart, you'll convert them into material useful for your lawn.

Great Way to Avoid Pollution

Unfortunately, tons of tires end up in landfills. From there, they simply pollute the environment. Instead of letting that happen, you could convert them into a useful lawn material. That way, you'll save money while also protecting the environment.

Prevents Weeds From Growing

Plus, since it is a synthetic material, weeds can't grow on it. They will have to fight through layers of the material to reach the light. Thus, you will see far fewer of them. From our perspective, less time spent cleaning up weeds is a great side effect.

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Best Indoor Compost Bins

Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money


There are tons of recyclable materials you could use. Perhaps, you might have a few plastic bottles that would have gone in the trash. Instead of throwing them away, process them into mulch.

Once that is done, you can apply them to the lawn. Then, you'll have a suitable replacement for most bulges. In other words, you can take going to the store off your to-do list.

Made From Many Materials

With that these materials, you can get rather creative. Suppose you got some old plastic toys. With the right tools, you could convert those into mulch easily. To put it differently, the more creative you can get, the more exciting the results should be.

Normally, Available for Quite Cheap

Additionally, these tend to be among the most affordable materials. Since you likely have some of them at home, you may not have to go to the store at all. By using materials from around the house, you'll save even more.

Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money


Around your property, are there any fallen trees? When trees fall down, you can use the bark from their trunks as material for mulch. Suppose a tree fell down on your property recently. If that happened, how would you process it?

To process the tree, you must begin quickly after it has fallen. Otherwise, it will begin to break down. At that point, it will no longer be useful.

Assuming you reach it in time, you can begin by using a small machete to strip the bark. As you strip the bark, gather it into a small bucket. That way, you won't have to bend over and grab things off the ground afterward.

Once you strip the tree entirely, check for any leftover clips on the ground. Afterward, you can use everything from the expedition as a mulch for your lawn.

Provides Needed Nutrients

Besides, his part as mulch, your soil will be healthier than ever. Since it's made from organic materials, it will break down once you place it there.

As it breaks down, the nutrients from its cellular components are released. As these get released, the soil begins to absorb them. Typically, it's absorbed the most after hard rains.

Over time, the soil will transfer these nutrients to new plants. For example, when the spring comes around, your lawn will begin to grow again. At this point, the nutrients from the tree help bring the lawn to life.

Has a Beautiful Aesthetic

Generally speaking, you tend to find this type of mulch to be among the most beautiful. When you like to use mulch as a lawn ornament, you might want to check out how bark would look.

Especially when you harvested it yourself, tree bark tends to be a great way to spice up the lawn. Not only does it make it look great, but It is also free. Thus, by using it, you can get more than just unaffordable mulch.

With bark based mulch, You also get a visual upgrade to your property. Therefore, using tree mulch is a great way to improve appearances without spending a dime.

Garden Pruners

Garden Pruners

Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money


On some occasions, moss can be among the most useful mulches. Let's assume you live in an arid environment. When you maintain lines in those areas, soil moisture becomes even more important.

Although water is essential everywhere, in places where it's scarce, it's even more crucial. Thus, by applying moss, you can help ensure the moisture is maintained.

However, you might need to replace the moss relatively often. If the sun is strong, it will dry out the moss fast. Then, it may not cover everything on the lawn at that point.

To keep everything covered, you'll have to replace anything lost to the elements. Otherwise, you'll begin to have exposed sections soon.

Sometimes, You Can Harvest It From Your Property

Perhaps, you might find Moss somewhere on your property. Depending on where you live, Moss is among the most common flora. Sometimes, it's easier to find it outside than it is to find it in a store.

If you found some outside, then it's easy to harvest. Simply, grab it off the location where it sits. Generally speaking, These plants tend not to grow deep roots. Thus, it's not difficult to remove them from places.

Helps Moisturize the Soil

Has the moisture of your soil begun to evaporate away? If that happens, it could put your whole lawn in peril. Before things get too dry, try using some moss.

By using some of this, you can avoid watering your lawn is often. Since the moss retains moisture, it will hold water. Thus, when you want to the lawn, the water doesn't go away too quickly.

Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money


Often, people find old pieces of wood scattered around their homes. Instead of throwing those away, you can use them to create a nifty mulch. Then, take that outside. Apply it to your lawn, and watch how great the results are.

As long as you have access to a wood chipper, creating wood chips isn't all that difficult. Pretty much anything wooden can be used to make them. Once they are made, they are lightweight. Therefore, it's not challenging to transport them.

Thus, you can carry them to the far corners of your lawn with ease. In other instances, mulches can be much heavier. If that's the case, getting the mulch across the lawn can be a struggle.

Additionally, these mulches smell superb. If you enjoy the way wood smells, then you will love the scent of these.

Not Expensive

If you are on a budget, spending a ton on mulch isn't something you can do. Nevertheless, your lawn still beckons. Until you get it covered with mulch, it isn't going to leave you alone.

Therefore, by chopping up some wood, you could create some mulch out of that. With the wood chips, you can have access to an incredibly cheap mulch. Not to mention, it tends to perform just as well as what you would have purchased in the store.

Widely Accessible

You can find wood chips all over the country. Regardless of where you are, it won't take long for you to find some. Thus, even when you live in disparate locations, this can be a useful solution for your mulch problems.

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Best Lawn Sweepers

Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money

Pine Straw

Around your property, are there a ton of pine trees? In the wintertime, you will often find tons of pine straw gathered around the ground. Usually, people clean up those pine straw. Then, they just throw them away.

What if we told you that you could use them for something else? Pine straw's much more useful than most people realize. By converting them into mulch, they can become an amazing addition to your lawn care arsenal.

That way, once the pine needles begin to fall, you won't think of it as a chore. Instead, you'll see it as a way to save money on store-bought mulch.

Useful for Sheet Composting

In addition to looking great, these mulches are also great for compost. Since they are organic, when you put them on the ground, they help feed your soil. Thus, it won't ever become malnourished.

If you've had a hard time growing things recently, using some of this mulch could help bring things back to life. On top of saving money, you will help maintain the fertility of your soil.

Blends in With the Natural Environment

On the one hand, these mulches aren't going to win any awards. On the other hand, you will have an amazing looking lawn without much work. If you'd like to have something like that, then you should use some of this.

Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money


Did you know that cardboard was biodegradable? Well, as a result of that, you can use it to make biodegradable mulch. The next time you come across some cardboard, try this out.

Instead of putting it in the garbage, tear it up into small pieces. The smaller you can make the pieces, the more effective the cardboard will be as mulch. Once you are done, put the pieces in a bag.

Take that bag to wherever you would like to put your mulch. Then, dump it on the ground. Afterward, spread it so that it covers everything evenly. Then, you are done. Now, you know how to create super-effective mulch out of cardboard.

Repurpose Discarded Cardboard

How often do you throw a cardboard? If you are like most, you probably throw away cardboard nearly every day. Instead of putting more of it in the landfills, put some of it on your lawn.

Make It Yourself

Plus, you get to exercise a little creativity this way. Why buy something from the store when you can make it yourself? From our perspective, it seems as if it is almost like arts and crafts.

String Trimmers

String Trimmers

Cheap Mulch Ideas To Save Money


Plastics are useful material. With them, you can create synthetic mulches to protect your lawn. Once you apply synthetic mulches, it becomes much more difficult for weeds to proliferate.

Let's say that you have been having a problem with the weeds. Instead of purchasing weedkiller, you should try to apply synthetic mulch. Plus, you can make the synthetic mulch yourself.

Before you make mulch out of plastic, ensure that it is completely sterile. Otherwise, it could contain contaminants that spoil the soil. If that were to happen, then it could create long-lasting damage.

However, by washing it thoroughly, you will prevent anything like that from occurring. That way, you can enjoy the benefits without having to stress about the downsides.

If you'd like to create an affordable mulch, then using plastics is among the most straightforward ways for you to do so. When you don't have much on hand, you can probably use plastic to make the mulch.

Useful to Control Crop Growth

We forgot to mention that plastic mulch can often be useful to help crops. Since they prevent the growth of weeds, your crops won't have to compete with them.

Thus, all the nutrients in the soil will be absorbed by your crops. By absorbing all the nutrients, crops grow even faster than they would have otherwise. If you'd like to create an abundant harvest, then using plastic mulch can often be an effective tool.

Prevents the Growth of Weeds

When you have an overgrowth in the long, getting rid of the weeds can be challenging. By using this, you'll prevent them from growing in the first place. If you had to ask us, that sounds pretty great.