Click And Grow Smart Garden Review

Click And Grow Smart Garden Review

There's a Chinese proverb that says "life begins the day you start a garden." Having fresh, nutritious, convenient, and sustainable food is becoming a top priority for many people. A popular choice is a fully automated indoor garden that allows users to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and other plants no matter the season at the comfort of their homes.

If you're shopping for different growing systems for your home, it is worth taking a look at Click and Grow Smart Garden. It is a simple growing system that has three components, a base to hold seed pods, a water tank, and a strip of LED lights. The system is easy to set up in just 15 minutes and requires zero knowledge about gardening and little to no effort. It is perfect for urban settings in homes that don't even have a yard, much less dirt to plant anything.

Read on to see our review of this innovative product to determine if this is the solution you want to choose for your gardening goals.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Automatic watering system. Just fill up the tank and forget about it for up to three weeks.
  • Pro-grow LED lights provide the perfect amount of light on a regular timed schedule.
  • Optimal amount of oxygen and nutrients at the root level.
  • Ability to grow 365 days a year, no matter the season or your region.
  • Smart app lets you control your garden from your handheld device.
  • You can use your own seeds or buy from their selection of pre-seeded plant pods featuring over 60+ variety.
Aerogarden vs Click And Grow

Aerogarden Vs Click And Grow

Who Created Click and Grow Smart Garden?

Created in Estonia in 2009 after founder Mattias Lepp was inspired by a NASA report that confirmed they successfully grew plants in space. This led Mattias to use technology to automatically set up all functions of the garden. The company evolved into a community of gardening enthusiasts that continue to create great products that help people bring more plants into their homes.

Click And Grow Smart Garden Review

Who Should Buy This System?

This gardening system is ideal for people who don't want to make the effort that a traditional garden requires. Since soil is not required, people can set it up anywhere indoors regardless of the season. Another reason why people choose this system is that they know very little about gardening and want an automatic way to grow plants.

Where Should I Set Up the Garden?

The LED lights are very bright and they run for about 16 hours and are off for eight. Choose a place where you won't mind having the lights on for that amount of time. If you include a garden in your bedroom, you can set it up so that the eight hours that the off times coincide with the dark sleeping hours you require. You can achieve this by plugging it in or the first time when you wake up. You can take it to the office, a classroom, a nursing home, or anywhere you can imagine.

Click And Grow Smart Garden Review

How Does Click and Grow Smart Garden Work?

After the initial 15 minutes set up, all you have to do is fill up the four-liter tank with water and insert a soil capsule into each pod. Then you simply plug the device into an electrical outlet. There aren't any other steps you have to take, you will start seeing your plants progressing in just two weeks.

The Simple Function of Its Components

Thanks to the elements that make up the Click and Grow Smart Garden, the user can see their plants grow very quickly and efficiently. The growth is seamless and effortless due to the following combination of factors:

Click And Grow Smart Garden ReviewClick And Grow Smart Garden Review

1. SmartSoil

Seeds are planted in SmartSoil, a patented nano-material inspired by NASA's technology. It releases nutrients in a synchronized manner according to the growth cycle of the plant. It is made with tiny pockets of oxygen to give the plant the room it needs to thrive. The water is disbursed evenly in the soil allowing the nutrients to infuse evenly in the root system.

Using SmartSoil is a safe and sustainable method for growing seeds. Some competitors use rockwool, which has been known to be harmful to the environment and your health. SmartSoil even maintains its own pH balance, so you won't even have to perform pH testing or add products to keep its chemical levels at their optimum.

2. Energy Efficient LED Lights

The system only consumes 8W of power thanks to the non-wasteful technology of LED lights. This translates to saving on your electrical bill every year. You don't have to live in sunny regions for your plants to thrive. The LED lighting system allows you to consistently grow your crops all year long.

3. Large Water Tank

Its large capacity water tank holds enough water to last up to three weeks. Imagine only tending to your garden every few weeks. Plus, each plant will get the exact amount of water it needs, there's no guessing involved and wondering about overwatering.

The only task you have to do is pour water into the tank at the opening near the corner of the base and wait until the fill indicator lets you know that is time to fill it again. You don't have to dig in the dirt, pull out weeds, break a sweat, or learn about gardening.

4. Smart App

This feature is what is so exciting about this innovative product. The Click and Grow Smart Garden app allows you to monitor your garden right from your smartphone or computer's web browser.

With the app, you'll be able to keep track of what you've planted, monitor the water level, and light schedule. You'll also enjoy other functions in the future as they are continually adding new features.

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The company offers a subscription so that you can save time and money by receiving plant pods delivered to you. You won't run out or have to take the time to place a new order.

Click And Grow Smart Garden Review

Here is how the subscription works:

  • Choose Quantity: You may select to receive Plant Pods packs of three or nine in one single shipment and your default shipping intervals.
  • Choose Your Plants: Next, you select the plants you want to receive in your subscription shipment. They come in packs of three or nine Plant Pods.
  • Continuously Customize: You'll be able to change your plant selection, the quantities, and intervals. You can skip an order and cancel the subscription at any time you desire.

The benefits are that you'll save up to 50% of the costs compared to purchasing the plant pods separately, and you'll save time in setting up the order each time you want more plant pods.

What Can I Plant?

You are able to plant a vast variety of fruits, herbs, vegetables, flowers, and other types of plants. Many people choose to plant the items they want to eat and regularly purchase them at the market. There are a variety of healthy staples that should be in every home. Plus, if you don't buy flowers regularly, this is your opportunity to always enjoy fresh blooms.

Click And Grow Smart Garden Review

There are certain crops that are not able to grow such as trees and root vegetables like potatoes and carrots. These are examples of some of the things you can grow with this gardening system:

  • Spinach
  • Parsley
  • Chives
  • Broccoli
  • Sprouts
  • Zucchini
  • Rhubarb
  • Radish
  • Melons
  • Many others...

The quantity of food you produce depends on how many sets you want to purchase and set up. Some people live in a small apartment and fill up their home as much as they can to enjoy a variety of crops. It is a simple way to garden and obtain organic food without having to leave your home.

Aerogarden vs Click And Grow

Aerogarden Vs Click And Grow

Product Options

There are four types of indoor Smart Gardens for you to choose from. They come in different sizes that accommodate the capacity you need. You can choose from the following options:

1. The Smart Garden 3 (Starts at $99.95)

The Smart Garden 3

Holds Up to 3 Plants

What's Included in The Shipment?

  • The Smart Garden 3
  • Two lamp extension arms
  • Quick start guide detailing pro gardener tips
  • Three complimentary soil pods with basil seeds
  • One-year warranty

2. The Smart Garden 9 (Price Starts at $199.95)

The Smart Garden 9

Holds Up to 9 Plants

What's Included in The Shipment?

  • Smart Garden 9
  • Quick start guide detailing pro gardener tips
  • Nine complimentary soil pods with basil (3), green lettuce (3), and mini tomato (3)

3. The Smart Garden 27 (Price Starts at $599.95)

The Smart Garden 27

Holds Up to 27 Plants

What's Included in The Shipment?

  • 3 x Smart Garden 9
  • Click & Grow Plant Stand (sent separately)
  • Quick start guide detailing pro gardener tips
  • 27 complimentary soil pods with basil (9), green lettuce (9), and mini tomato (9)
  • Felt Bag to Store Accessories
  • Tools: L Wrench Hex4 + PH2
  • Instructions for Assembly

4. The Wall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden (Price Starts at $2,299.95)

The Wall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden

Holds Up to 51 Plants

What's Included in The Shipment?

  • Wall unit with three shelves
  • 3 LED Lights with timer
  • Quick start guide detailing pro gardener tips
  • Six complimentary plant starter kit, with 54 plant pods (choose from herb & salad kit, salad kit, dark greens kit, herb kit, flower kit, or variety kit.

Pros and Cons of Click and Grow Smart Garden

Below we've compiled a quick list of advantages and disadvantages of this gardening system.


  • Sustainable and healthy soil technology
  • Simple to operate and very little components
  • Soil will be free of pests or contamination
  • Four compact options depending on the number of plants you desire
  • Plants grow efficiently and harvest is abundant
  • Efficient watering system
  • pH is automatically balanced
  • App allows you to automate the process


  • Requires electricity
  • No customer service number
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Warranty and Refunds

You may get a full refund within 30 days of purchasing products directly from the company. If you purchase through a retailer or another distributor, you'll have to check their particular return policies.

All of their gardening systems come with a two-year warranty. All damaged or defective items must be reported to the company within five days of receiving them.


The Click and Grow Helpdesk is a comprehensive hub where you'll find support on anything you may need. You'll find a general section with its forum and community where you can ask questions and read a collection of articles, they also have video tutorials.

There's a section devoted to everything about your plants and garden. A dedicated team of agents can help you with your order details and shipping.

Their Facebook community is a great place to connect with other gardening enthusiasts and have access to practical information. You may submit a request on their website, sign in to your account, or contact the company via email. There isn't a customer support phone number, which can be a bit inconvenient for some customers.


Click and Grow Smart Garden is one of the easiest ways to grow plants on the market today. Thanks to their app, you're able to automatically set up your gardener even if you're not home. Their SmartSoil gives you the peace of mind from knowing you're using a healthy and sustainable product to grow your food. The system is so simple to use, that you'll have tons of time to dedicate to other tasks that come after harvesting, like learning how to prepare and store food.

It is an ideal system for people who don't have a green thumb but still want all the benefits from having a garden. Both homes and organizations have taken interest in this system, it is ideal for schools, nursing homes, and even corporate cafeterias.

The state-of-the-art technology that resembles what NASA uses ensures you'll grow plants efficiently and safely. The company is great with customer support and its refund policy. You'll be able to find many sources of information that will guide you as you grow your garden.