Dandelion Killers

Dandelion Killers

Are you sick of dandelions taking over your garden? Do you worry about how your normal plants will thrive when the dandelions crowd the soil? You might need dandelion killer.

But how do you kill dandelions without harming your other plants? What types of dandelion killer are safe to use? Which won't have an impact on pollinators?

We've taken a look at the top dandelion killers on the market, along with information on what each is most helpful for.

Top 10: Best Dandelion Killers

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Scotts 4,000 Square Foot Triple Action

This dandelion killer comes from one of the top names in the business. It uses triple action technology to destroy both the existing weeds and the ones below the surface. The formula then keeps weeds from returning for a maximum of four months. It also has fertilizer to feed your lawn and make it lush and green.

When you apply the dandelion killer, you should keep your pets and other people out of the area. It's important that nobody enter the area until the spray has settled, since it can be harmful to breathe.

The formula is best used in the early or late spring, once the temperatures are consistently between 60 and 80 degrees. When this occurs will depend on your location. It works best if it's used before your third or fourth lawnmowing session.

With that said, you should make sure not to apply the formula to any areas that have new seeds or sod. Wait until after the fourth mowing to do this. The product should be applied when you see active dandelion growth, rather than as a preemptive measure.

After each application of the fertilizer, you must wait a minimum of six weeks before applying it again. It's better to wait for eight weeks. One package can cover a maximum of 4,000 feet. If your yard is smaller than that, you can use several applications throughout the season without needing a replacement.

The formula includes a weed control component for weeds that haven't emerged yet and weeds that have. If you only use formula that kills the existing weeds, you won't get rid of the ones that are still in the ground.

The dandelion killer works on a variety of different weeds. It will kill ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, centipede grass, and several others. If you apply it correctly, it can kill active broadleaf weeds like dandelions, but it's not able to kill active crabgrass.

This formula is built specifically for Northern lawns that often have to battle grasses like ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass. Using it doesn't take much preparation. All you need to do is measure your lawn with the My Lawn app from Scotts. Then you can measure out a proportional amount of weed killer and go to work.


  • One package of weed killer can cover up to 4,000 square feet, and you can calculate how much you need with the My Lawn app.
  • The formula also includes fertilizer that helps to fortify your lawn's grasses, making them thicker and lusher.
  • The formula can get rid of multiple invasive weeds including dandelions, ryegrass, and bluegrass.


  • It's built for use in the early and late spring, so it won't work well against dandelions during other seasons.
  • It's designed to kill weeds that are often found in northern US lawns, so it might not do much against weeds in other regions.

Scotts Weed and Feed Turf Builder

This is another Turf Builder product from Scotts. It's capable of covering even more ground than the previous option, with the ability to clear weeds from 5,000 square feet of land. You also have the option to buy a two-pack for 10,000 total feet of coverage, or a pack with enough for 15,000 feet.

The model allows for control over your clover and dandelions, whether they're in your yard or your garden. Thanks to the Weedgrip technology, the formula gets rid of the weeds below the surface and above the ground.

Like the previous option on the list, this model also works as a fertilizer. Once it gets rid of the weeds, it helps to fertilize and nurture your grass so that your lawn is thicker and lusher.

This Turf Builder model is built for the mid to late spring. You can use the Scotts app to determine how large your lawn is. The formula also kills the grasses that the previous option did, like ryegrass and centipede grass.


  • The formula covers 5,000 feet, and you can buy a two-pack or get a larger 15,000 foot package as well.
  • The design is up to twice as effective as previous weed killing designs by Scotts.
  • The package will get rid of northern grasses, dandelions, and clovers throughout the spring, all while fertilizing your existing grass.


  • The formula is built for northern grasses, so it might not work with non-dandelion weeds from other regions.
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Roundup for Lawns 1 Weed Killer for Lawns

This formula is specifically designed to kill weeds without killing your lawn. Not only does it work for dandelions, but it also works on clover, crabgrass, nutsedge, and other northern grasses.

One of the great aspects of this design is that it comes with an extendable wand. Instead of treating your entire lawn, you can just do spot treatments on problematic areas. This helps you to save on your overall costs.

The formula is capable of killing more than 250 types of weeds and invasive plants, but it won't kill your lawn. It will kill zoysia grass, buffalo grass, and ryegrass.

Another good aspect of this formula is that it's rainproof within three hours. It also begins attacking the weeds immediately, so it doesn't take long to see results. If you're having trouble killing weeds in the summer, the manufacturer recommends using the Crabgrass Destroyer formula.


  • The model can kill more than 250 types of northern weeds, including dandelions and clovers.
  • The package comes with an extendable wand that you can use for spot treatments, so you don't have to coat your entire lawn.
  • The formula becomes rainproof within three hours, so it will keep working even if the weather gets wild.


  • The formula doesn't include fertilizer to help make your current lawn more fresh and green.

Ortho WeedClear Weed Killer

Ortho is known for being one of the top names in pest control. But did you know that they also make excellent weed control products? This 32-ounce bottle comes with a ready-to-spray trigger nozzle that makes it super easy to apply.

You can kill weeds in the lawn and garden, including crabgrass, clover, and dandelion. The formula acts super fast, so you can see results after applying the weed killer just once.

As long as you use the product as directed, it won't cause harm to your lawn. It is capable of killing weeds all the way to the root, though. In addition to killing dandelions, it kills grasses like ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass.

If you want to apply to large areas, you can do so easily by attaching a garden hose to the sprayer. It's possible to treat a maximum of 5,000 square feet with the single bottle. You can also spot treat problem areas without treating your whole lawn if you want.

The product has been shown to kill more than 200 species of weed. It destroys all major broadleaf weeds, like dandelions.

This product is best used in lawns instead of gardens. For use in your garden, the GroundClear formula is better.


  • The formula kills more than 200 northern weeds, including dandelion and clover.
  • The spray nozzle can be used for spot treatment or attached to a hose to treat up to 5,000 square feet.
  • As long as it's used as directed, this formula shouldn't have any negative effects on your lawn.


  • The formula may not be rainproof, so you shouldn't use it before you're about to get unusual weather.
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Scotts TouchUp Weed Control for Lawns

Another excellent option from Scotts, this weed control kills crabgrass, clover, and dandelion. Each spray bottle comes with 24 fluid ounces of the formula. It won't harm your lawn, but it is good for doing spot treatments on small amounts of weeds.

If your lawn is completely taken over by weeds, you'll need to use a more intensive formula first. It's also important to note that this particular product is not sold in Hawaii, so you won't be able to purchase it if you're having it shipped to Hawaii.

Unlike the previous options on the list, this formula will not harm northern grasses. If you want to keep the bluegrass, ryegrass, and other grasses, you can use this spot treatment without worrying. It only targets crabgrass, clover, and dandelion.

The manufacturer recommends that you only spray in places where you actively see weeds growing. You'll get the best results if you spray when the temperatures during the day are between 45 and 90 F. However, there isn't any real seasonal lock on this particular option.


  • The formula only kills dandelions, clovers, and crabgrasses without killing other northern grasses that you might want to keep in your lawn.
  • The spray bottle allows you to spot treat any areas where you see weeds growing, and it will kill them to the root.
  • The formula can be applied during any season as long as the temperatures during the day are in the 45 to 90 F range.


  • The spray bottle is meant for spot treatment, so if your lawn is choked with weeds, you'll need a more heavy-duty application.
  • The formula isn't available for purchase if you live in Hawaii.

Scotts 49801C Weed Control for Lawns

Another encouraging option from Scotts, this weed killer takes care of tough lawn weeds like clover and dandelion. The formula is capable of killing over 200 different types of weeds. It begins working immediately on contact, killing the roots to prevent the weeds from popping up again.

The granular weed control formula is designed to kill weeds without killing your lawn. It targets northern plants, so those in other regions might need a different formula.

One package can treat up to 5,000 square feet. If you've been looking for an affordable weed killing option that can treat your entire lawn instead of a few spots, this is a great place to start.


  • One package can kill over 200 northern weeds and cover up to 5,000 square feet before needing a replacement.
  • The formula begins working immediately upon contact and kills the root of the plant to prevent it from growing again.
  • The design is built to kill weeds without harming your lawn.


  • The formula may not be super effective for all of the weeds under the surface, although it should kill some of them.
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Southern Ag Amine 2,4-D Weed Killer

This 32-ounce package of weed killer is specifically designed to target broadleaf weeds like dandelion. You can use it on pastures, ranges, golf courses, lawns, parks, cemeteries, and other areas that are meant to be weed-free.

If the 32 ounces aren't enough, you can also purchase the formula in a 128-ounce gallon jug instead. That's a good option for people who are using it on large areas like golf courses.

The manufacturer recommends spraying if you want to get accurate coverage without wasting the product. It's also important to avoid letting the spray drift to any vulnerable plants that you don't want to harm.

In addition to controlling dandelions and other broadleaf plants, this formula deals with several woody plants that might encroach.

This product is highly concentrated. If you dilute two to three tablespoons in three to five gallons of water, you can cover 1,000 square feet. That means that this is one of the best weed killers for use on very large commercial areas. It's favored by professionals.

The best way to apply it is by using a low-pressure spray. It's recommended that you use a nozzle with a fan setting for the most efficient and accurate application.


  • This broadleaf weed killer can be diluted and used to spray thousands upon thousands of feet of turf, so it's great for professionals.
  • The formula is good for parks, golf courses, lawns, fences, and other areas that require weed control.
  • In addition to killing dandelions, the formula also kills many different woody plants that may pose problems.


  • You will need to dilute the concentrate and use a specialized nozzle to spray it, so it's not as convenient as some of the ready-to-use formulas on the market.

Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

This is one of the most voluminous options on the list, coming with an entire gallon of the formula in a single bottle. If you've been concerned about the ingredients in your weed killer, this is a good place to look. All of the ingredients in this formula are organic and natural.

The formula is made up of 20 percent acetic acid. This active ingredient eats away at the weeds and kills them. It begins working as soon as it's applied and continues to work for hours. You can see full results within 24 hours of applying the weed killer.

This formula works on a variety of different weeds. In addition to being effective on dandelion and clover, it works well on crabgrass and moss.

Because the ingredients are organic and non-toxic, this formula can be used anywhere. It should be used in areas where you do not want any grasses or weeds. As such, it won't work well on your lawn. But it will work on your driveway, sidewalk, flower beds, mulch, barns, and any other spaces that you want weed-free.

The product is ready for use immediately after leaving the container. You don't have to do anything to dilute it.

The vinegar is made from corn and doesn't use any harsh chemicals. It has been placed on the OMRI list and received certifications for organic use. The 20 percent solution has a strength that's four times as strong as your average table vinegar.

Each purchase also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have any problems with the product, you can call to get a refund of the purchase price.


  • The product uses a 20 percent organic vinegar solution to kill grasses and weeds, including dandelions and crabgrass.
  • You get a gallon of the formula that's ready for use straight out of the bottle.
  • Each purchase comes with a satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer, including a 30 day money back promise.


  • This formula will kill all plants and grasses, so it's not good for use on your lawn or near new garden seeds.
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Ortho Weed B Gone with Crabgrass Control

This Weed B Gone solution is another great choice from Ortho. The formula comes in a gallon jug that's instantly ready to use. It even includes a comfort wand that allows you to make spot treatments without needing to bend down. That helps you distance from the formula and avoid accidentally inhaling it.

In addition to killing dandelions and crabgrass, the formula can kill more than 200 other weeds that often occur on the lawn. As long as you use the material as directed, you can kill the weeds at the roots without harming your lawn.

The formula begins working immediately with a single application. To get the best results, you should use the spray each time you notice that weeds have begun growing in your area. The design is friendly to your lawn, killing the weeds without killing the lawn itself.

Another notable feature is that this formula becomes rainproof in just an hour. The other rainproof formula on the list takes three hours. So if you live in an area that often has volatile showers, or somewhere that you can't predict the weather for three hours, you might prefer the surety of this design.

Some of the weeds that the formula kills include buffalo grass, Kentucky bluegrass, and ryegrass.


  • There's an entire gallon of ready-to-use formula, plus a comfort wand that allows for easy spot treatments.
  • The formula can kill more than 200 types of weeds, including clover and dandelion.
  • You don't have to worry about your lawn being harmed as long as you use the product as it's directed.


  • If you're dealing with a lot of weeds, it's better to get a spray bottle than a comfort wand, since the wand is built for spot treatments.

BioAdvanced 704140 Weed Killer

This all-in-one formula is built to kill weeds like dandelions and crabgrass without causing harm to your lawn. Each bottle comes with 32 ounces of concentrated formula, which can then be diluted. It's possible to treat a maximum of 6,250 square feet without a problem.

More than 200 broadleaf weeds and grasses are killed by this product. It also kills weeds all the way to the roots, and it becomes rainproof in about an hour. That makes it a great choice for people who live in areas with volatile weather.

Keep in mind that there are some state restrictions on the product. It can't be shipped to Texas, New York, or Hawaii.

The formula begins working as soon as it's applied. Instead of using just one form of weed killer, it combines three different weed killers to provide total control of dandelions and crabgrass. At the same time, it doesn't harm your lawn.

You can also get the One Touch Sprayer from the manufacturer to make application easier. Once you attach the spray nozzle to your garden hose, you can simply turn on the water and then spray the formula without needing to dilute it at all.

Once you finish spraying, you should turn off your hose, turn on your sprayer one more time to get rid of the water pressure, and then detach it. That will help prevent potential accidents and damage.

In addition to killing crabgrass, it kills plants like panicum, barnyard grass, Japanese stiltgrass, foxtail, and sandbur.


  • If you purchase the specialized spray nozzle, you can spray the concentrate through your garden hose without needing to dilute it beforehand.
  • The formula attacks more than 200 different types of weeds including dandelions, crabgrass, and even foxtail.
  • One bottle comes with enough spray to treat more than 6,000 square feet, so it's an ideal choice for people with larger lawns.


  • If you don't purchase the specialized spray nozzle, you'll have to dilute the concentrate in water yourself before you can use it.
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Final Thoughts

There are a number of different dandelion killers on the market. Some are built for your lawn while others are built for your garden. Some will kill other grasses, while others focus on dandelions and clover alone. Some are meant for spot treatment, while others are meant for wide application.

For Northern lawns that are dealing with a lot of different grasses, we recommend the Scotts Triple Action. Not only will this target dandelions and other problem weeds, but it will fertilize your existing grass to make it green and healthy.

For a rainproof option, we recommend the Roundup for Lawns formula. This weed killer begins working immediately upon contact, and it only takes about three hours to become rainproof. If you live in an area where the rain might wash your hard work away, consider this option.

For a versatile applicator, you might consider the Ortho WeedClear. This formula comes in a spray bottle that can be used for spot treatment. You can also hook it up to your garden hose to spray areas of up to 5,000 square feet with a single bottle. It kills over 200 weeds all the way to the roots.

If you're only dealing with a few dandelions, the Scotts TouchUp is a good choice. This formula is specifically designed to target dandelion and clover plants without harming native grasses. If you don't want to destroy your northern grasses but do want to address the weeds, this is the place to go.

For those who need to spray massive areas like public parks and golf courses, the Amine Weed Killer is a great option. This concentrated weed killer can be diluted by the tablespoon in several gallons of water. One 32-ounce bottle will allow you to spray thousands upon thousands of feet without issue. You will need your own nozzle, though.

If you need an organic solution, the Green Gobbler option is the way to go. This natural weed killer uses vinegar to target grasses and weeds on pavement and other areas. Just keep in mind that it will kill plants other than dandelions, so you shouldn't use it on your lawn or on a flowering garden.

For an even faster rainproof option, the Ortho Weed B Gone is an ideal choice. It becomes rainproof in just an hour after application. The gallon of formula also comes with an easy-reach wand that allows you to do spot treatments without hurting your back.

The BioAdvanced option works well if you want a concentrate that can handle a lot of different weeds. It will leave the lawn untouched while killing weeds to the root. You will need to dilute it before use, although you can get around this by attaching a specialized spray nozzle to your garden hose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the problem with dandelions?

Dandelions are pretty flowers. Many people don't mind having them in their lawn. But they can pose a serious problem to the plants surrounding them. The roots dig deep into the soil and steal water from the surrounding flowers and plants.

If you have dandelions in your yard, your grass won't be able to thrive. It doesn't have room under the soil to grow.

Why doesn't pulling dandelions get rid of them?

In theory, you should be able to get rid of a plant by pulling it up by the roots. But dandelions are especially tricky plants. The roots tend to go deep, and they may spread out. If you only get part of the root, the flower may begin growing again.

There are some tools that are built specifically to target dandelions. Dandelion pullers and slim trowels are both ideal. But if there are a lot of dandelions in your garden or lawn, sometimes the easiest way to deal with them is by using weed killer.

Digging the roots of every individual dandelion takes time. And the flowers tend to spread quickly, thanks to their windblown seeds.

Can I kill dandelions without killing my lawn?

Yes! There are several weed killing formulas that can target dandelions without targeting your lawn.

Some formulas are built to target crabgrass, dandelions, and clover. But they don't target other plants. If you're a fan of having wild grasses in your lawn, you might prefer these, because they don't harm the native bluegrass and ryegrass.

There are other weed killers that are formulated to kill up to 300 different plants. Many of these are designed to leave your lawn intact. Some even have fertilizer to help your grass grow back more thickly.

Just be wary of vinegar solutions, which will kill any plants without discriminating. Those should only be used on pavement and barren areas.