Digging Deep Review

Whether you have a green thumb or one that’s a bit brown around the edges, author Fran Sorin’s 10th anniversary edition of “Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening” (Braided Worlds Publishing) explains how connecting with nature through gardening can awaken your creativity and nurture your soul’s unfoldment.

Who Is This Book For?

You may be thinking, “I’m not creative. I won’t do this right.” Well, “Digging Deep” will prove you wrong. Remember when you were a child, joyously and unselfconsciously coloring outside the lines? When no color was the “wrong” color to use?

Later on, you were reprimanded for doing things “differently.” Shamed, your youthful, creative spirit cautiously slipped into the shadows. “Digging Deep” debunks the myth of right or wrong, good or bad. Everyone has a creative flair, and it’s just as valid as the next person’s.

“Digging Deep” is for anyone who wants to reclaim the pleasure of self-expression and open up to a world of possibilities, Oh, and create a flowerbed that’s uniquely yours.

What Type of a Book Is This?

“Digging Deep” isn’t a fancy picture book destined to gather dust on your coffee table or get bogged down in philosophical meanderings. It’s not a numbingly dry textbook.

Instead, it’s wonderfully crafted, inspiring and eloquent.

I should mention, though, that’s it’s not a how-to book that tells you what to do and what not to do when you’re starting or maintaining a flower patch.

So, if you want a step-by step primer about how to plant, fertilize, test pH, eliminate pests, water and propagate, this book isn’t for you.

Instead, it’s a guide for accessing your own creativity (yes, it’s in there!). In the process, Fran writes that you’ll also unlock glee, abundance and spiritual expansion.

Flowers aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. They can also be wise teachers. Creativity expresses itself in countless ways from person to person. Fran shows you that your version of creativity is just as valid as another’s and that it manifests itself in its own highly unique ways.

Fran’s Approach to This Subject Is Fresh and Intriguing

“Digging Deep” enlists Fran’s 30-plus years of flora experience to show readers how to cultivate plants while drawing inspiration, enrichment and creative growth from the project. She also offers anecdotes that add dimension to the pages.

Along the way, Fran guides you through the development of a one-of-a-kind space that uniquely embodies your own spirit and style. This is the only book I’ve ever seen that approaches spirituality through gardening and gardening through spirituality. It’s a great concept.

With the world in turmoil because of COVID-19, the book offers peace and positivity amid the chaos.

Once you’ve planted, it’s not time to clap the dirt from your hands and walk away. Fran inspires you to stick with it as you embark on a journey of tending it and enjoying it as it grows, and while you grow.

Fran does so with writing that’s unpretentious and steeped in the warm tone of someone talking to a dear friend. The language she chooses is always supportive and encouraging.

The Book Brims with Solid Ideas and Actionable Tasks

“Digging Deep” is chock-full of excellent guidance and no-pressure assignments linking tilling the soil with tilling the soul. For instance, in the section “Taking Risks,” Fran asks you to ponder the risks you’re dodging during your project.

Then she tells you not to force taking action but to merely contemplate what it would be like to take action.

She explains that when you repeatedly think of something in a positive context, your brain will eventually embrace it. This is a great example of how spiritual growth can blossom from planting flowers.

Fran Breaks Awakening into Seven Stages

Fran’s book is broken down into the 7 Stages of Creative Awakening. They are:

• Stage 1 – Imagining

This stage cultivates exploration, observation and welcoming possibility.

• Stage 2 – Envisioning

In the envisioning stage, you learn how to sit comfortably with solitude and have faith in your instincts.

• Stage 3 – Laying Down the Framework

Stage 3 is about being true to yourself as you breathe life into your idea.

• Stage 4 – Planting

This part is about risk-taking and practicing patience.

• Stage 5 – Tending

Stage 5 details attaining a flow state, accepting and modifying.

• Stage 6 – Enjoying

Enjoying is about practicing gratitude and passing your bounty along to others.

• Stage 7 – Completing

The final stage covers rejoicing and honoring accomplishment.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced plant enthusiast, Fran Sorin’s “Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening” is a must-read. Not only will you beautify your surroundings, but you may just do the same for your soul.