Garden Tower 2 Review

Garden Tower 2 Review

Do you want to try composting in a brand-new way? Do you want to take care of 50 plants simultaneously in an innovative way? Garden Tower 2 is here with a unique solution for all your planting and composting needs.

It is a revolutionary urban gardening system that offers maximum performance and versatility at your fingertips. I think of it as the eco-friendliest vermicomposter as it can quickly turn your kitchen waste into a fertilizer for your composting needs. If you're looking to turn your waste into a nutritional fertilizer for your plants, Garden tower 2 is here for you.

In addition to this, Garden Tower 2 can also offer direct fertilization for plants within the same unit. This is the ultimate gardening container. You can quickly turn organic waste into nutritional fertilizer for your plants.

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What Does Garden Tower 2 Offer?

Garden Tower 2

Gardening is easily among the most soothing and calming hobbies known to humans. It can help you alleviate your stress and experiment with different planting techniques to boost your mood further. Moreover, the peace and quiet during your gardening time can help boost your creativity and innovation.

This is why Garden Tower 2 can step in and help you take your gardening hobby to the next level. This compact unit can quickly offer 4 square feet of gardening space at your fingertips. In addition to this, it can help you turn organic waste into nutritional food for your favorite plants.

This all-in-one gardening container offers quick rotation for maximum versatility. This way, you can offer improved light and nutrients to all the different plants in your Garden Tower 2. Let's explore the different features and specifications of this useful vermicomposter and see what it brings to the table.

  • Durable and Rugged Design
  • Versatile Usability
  • Rotating Body
  • Smart Watering Mechanism

Durable and Compact Design

Garden Tower 2

Do you want your gardening container to break apart when filled with your favorite plants quickly? Do you want a cheaply constructed gardening container that offers minimal flexibility at your disposal? If the answer is no, Garden Tower 2 is ideal for you.

This urban gardening container offers the dimensions of 23 x 25 x 44 inches. Moreover, this container only weighs 38 pounds without any plants. It may sound like a havier gardening container, but you can quickly move the empty container around to place it in an ideal location.

In addition to this, the overall design is rugged and durable. You can quickly notice that this gardening container offers durable construction that is built to last. You can fill it with 50 plants, dirt, fertilizers, and all the necessary items without noticing any wiggling or cracks.

Manufacturers paid special attention to the rugged design and durable construction of this gardening container. It can be used in the long run for quickly planting and taking care of up to 70 plants with additional rings. The expected lifespan for this amazing gardening tower is north of 10 years.

Moreover, it comes with a small footprint. However, it still offers four square feet of planting space for your composting needs. Therefore, you can maximize your gardening and planting experience without covering a larger area.

The small surface area allows you to place this gardening container anywhere in your garden. Therefore, you can stop worrying about making enough space for 50 plants. This vermicomposter will quickly take care of up to 70 plants without taking up too much space.

There are six different levels in four square feet of this gardening container. You can use this container inside or outside without worrying about any cracks or degradation of the construction material. However, it was intended to be used inside for an urban apartment environment.

This gardening container is made from food-grade USDA HDPE components that offer a non-toxic experience for your gardening hobbies. Moreover, the construction materials are also free from BPA and PVC. Therefore, you can stop worrying about any toxicity levels associated with this tower.

The paint job also uses an FDA-approved dye, minimizing any risks of toxic outcomes for your plants. There is also a specialized UV-protectant coat. This coating helps protect your gardening container from any aging effects while improving recyclability simultaneously.

Versatile Usability

Garden Tower 2

Traditional gardening containers offer limited usability at your disposal. In addition to this, you have to spend a lot of time maintaining traditional gardening containers. However, this all-in-one urban gardening container is easy to use and offers versatile usability at your fingertips.

You do not have to spend hours every day taking care of your plants. Garden Tower 2 offers a simple and easy-to-use mechanism. You only have to set up the container, add the necessary amount of soil, add organic waste, and add half a cup of wiggler worms.

Once you are done setting it up, you will not have to keep checking everything regularly. You can add kitchen waste to this gardening container every day. The worms will quickly turn to this kitchen waste and transform it into organic food for your plants.

The feeding mechanism is also simple. You only have to add the kitchen waste to plant pockets. The red wiggler worms will turn this kitchen waste into organic food, worm castings, and worm tea.

This way, your garden container will require minimum maintenance services. The transformed organic food will be used to feed the plants with the necessary fertilizers. In addition to this, any excess fertilizer will be collected in the bottom tray.

Therefore, you can stop worrying about continuously checking up on your gardening container to remove any excess fertilizers. You can remove the bottom tray and spread these excess fertilizers on top of your plants. Therefore, you can keep on recycling the same organic food for your plants several times.

The bottom tray will also help collect any excess water. You can also recycle this water on top of plants, and it will make its way down to the bottom tray again. However, this recycling process will continuously keep on nourishing the different layers of your plants every time.

Therefore, Garden Tower 2 can be quickly viewed as a self-contained composting container. This is the ultimate patio form for your urban apartment environment. It can take care of itself and allow you to continuously recycle excess fertilizers and worm juice several times before throwing it out.

Rotating Body

Garden Tower 2

Traditional gardening containers come with a static body design that offers limited sunlight exposure for your plants. Moreover, you have to manually rotate the entire gardening container to position plants in front of the sun. This continuous positioning requires a lot of effort and struggle on your end.

In addition to this, traditional gardening containers also limit the amount of sunlight for plants away from the sun. Unless you manually move the entire container to a new location, the ignored plants will start dying. This is where Garden Tower 2 can step in and offer a flexible rotating body design to maximize sunlight exposure for all the different plants in your container.

The 4-foot-tall tower can easily hold up to 50 different plants at the same time. Moreover, each level comes with its own rotating mechanism that easily rotates different levels according to your preferences and requirements. Therefore, you will not have to move the entire container to a new location for all plants to enjoy the same amount of sunlight.

You can keep on rotating different levels for maximum sunlight exposure for your plants. In addition to this, the addition of two additional rings on the top can help you enjoy composting for up to 70 plants. Moreover, the additional rings will also offer you the same rotational mechanism to quickly rotate the plants for optimal sunlight exposure levels.

The easy rotating design can help you obtain the right amount of air and sunlight for your plants. This will help keep your plants in a healthy condition without any additional efforts on your end. You only need to tend to this gardening container twice a day to reposition the different levels.

Smart Watering and Feeding System

Garden Tower 2

This vermicomposter comes with smart watering and feeding mechanism. The central compost tube can be used to add water and fertilizers to different levels. This way, you will not have to feed every composting space with fertilizers and water manually.

In addition to this, you only have to water the central compost tube from the top. You can use any water container for this purpose, and the water will reach the different plants without any discrimination. You can also add worm juice and fertilizer from the same central compost tube.

The central compost tube is designed to distribute water and fertilizers equally to the different spaces in this vermicomposter. The compost tube connects to different growing spaces with small holes that allow the optimal amount of water and fertilizers into the soil. Therefore, you can water the central compost tube and use the same tube for fertilizing the 50 plants simultaneously.

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What Are the Cons of Garden Tower 2?

Garden Tower 2 is a brilliant gardening container for your urban composting requirements. However, this vermicomposter also comes with a few drawbacks that you should understand before making up your mind. Let's explore the different cons for Garden Tower 2 in detail.

  • More Expensive Than Other Options
  • May Feel Too Heavy for Some People
  • Narrow and Small Growing Spaces

Expensive Price Tag

Garden Tower 2

Garden Tower 2 is brilliant and offers a versatile and flexible body design at your fingertips. You can quickly take your composting activities to the next level. Moreover, the body design is also durable and built to last north of 10 years.

However, this gardening container is quite expensive as compared to other options in the market. It may cost you two or three times more than other options. However, it is built to last a lifetime, and the pros outweigh the cons.

Too Heavy for Some People

The rugged design is beautiful and goes with any interior design. However, Garden Tower 2 weighs 38 pounds without any plants. When you add soil and plants to this gardening container, it will get even heavier.

Therefore, if you fully load up this gardening container with up to 50 plants and soil, it may weigh

more than 45 pounds. Therefore, it can be quite heavy for some people. In addition to this, you may have a hard time moving this around your apartment or garden without any help.

Garden Tower 2

Compact Growing Spaces

This amazing gardening container offers composting spaces for up to 50 different plants. You can plant a variety of vegetables, flowers, and other gorgeous plants in this vermicomposter. However, since this is only 4 feet tall, the growing spaces are quite compact and small.

Therefore, you will be limited to planting those flowers and vegetables that come with smaller roots. You cannot plant any flowers or vegetables that are known to have larger roots. Otherwise, you will not see the expected results for your plants.

Final Word

This gardening container is ideal for people who are looking for the best kitchen composter in the market. Moreover, it is ideal for those people who are not worried about the hefty price tag that comes with it. Therefore, Garden Tower 2 will serve as an ideal option for people who want to invest their time in gardening and composting activities in their urban apartment.

This is also ideal for people looking for a self-contained composting mechanism that requires minimum maintenance. The self-contained design is quite amazing as compared to other options in the market. You do not have to check on growing spaces continuously, and you can recycle the same water and worm juice several times before throwing it out.

Garden Tower 2 brings flexibility and versatility to your fingertips. You can use the central compost tube to offer 14 gallons of water to different growing spaces. This way, you can quickly address the fertilizers and water needs of different plants simultaneously.

However, the only major drawback of this composting container is the hefty price tag that comes with it. Other than that, this is a powerful and durable gardening container that can quickly address your composting needs without any issues.