Kind LED Review

Kind LED Review

Once you have developed your hydroponic business to commercial enterprise status, you must choose efficient and reliable grow lights to ensure that all your hard work pays off. Light systems can make the difference between turning profit or not, which means you must choose the best on the market.

Quality LED grow lights play a significant role in the quality and volume of your yield. Having the best grow lights is even more important for commercial growers who rely on them to produce the best quality product.

The gardening industry is seeing a huge shift toward LED lighting systems. Hydroponic producers are now revamping their old lighting systems and replacing them with energy-efficient and cost-effective LED systems. No longer are old-school CFL lights and other inefficient options acceptable, especially for commercial growers.

This review will discuss one of the most popular LED grow lights on the market, Kind LED. The information provided will help you determine if this brand is the right one for your operations.

Let's dig right in and shine the light on this popular brand.

Kind LED Review

General Overview

As an American-based company in Santa Rosa, California, Kind LED Grow Lights provides quality lighting systems. The company was founded by experienced hydroponic growers who became very frustrated with the quality of HID lighting systems. They knew they could create a better product and help revolutionize the industry.

In the industry of LED grow light systems, Kind LED is a leading highly recognized brand. Kind LED specializes in commercial-grade, high-quality, efficient LED grow lights. They are not the cheapest brand, however, the extra cost is well worth it and you'll make your money back quickly.

For those who have small projects or perhaps a hobby, profit margins are not important. However, for serious commercial growers who are growing for profit, a quality LED lighting system makes the difference between staying in business or shutting down the entire operation.

Kind is a popular brand that is reliable and well worth the investment.

Let's review more information about Kind LED grow lights and what makes them stand out in their class.

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Kind LED Review

Customer Service and Warranty

Buyers who choose Kind LED lighting systems can feel secure in having a warranty that covers any technical problems due to defects or any unsatisfactory result. Some of the warranty's limitations include not covering damage that results from modifications done to the system.

Also, the warranty won't cover damage due to extreme environmental conditions outside the control of the company or negligent use on behalf of the user. On the Kind website, you'll find the following details about the warranty:

  • Includes a three-year warranty for defective materials or workmanship
  • All defective products are replaced if they cannot be repaired by the company
  • Free repairs or replacements within 90-days of purchase
  • After 90 days from purchase, only pay for shipping if it costs over $50

In addition to a comprehensive warranty, Kind LED offers top customer service provided by highly trained experts who are ready to help you troubleshoot any issues and answer all of your questions. The company has a chatline on its website that promptly greets visitors as they enter the site.

Kind LED Review

Is Buying These LED Lights Worth It?

Kind LED is the leading brand when it comes to commercial-grade lighting systems. However, you can also expect to pay premium prices. LED grow lights have completely revolutionized the industry. They are by far the best grow lights on the market according to experts.

The alternative of utilizing HID lighting system does not come close to the power and efficiency one can achieve by having an LED lighting system.

Kind LED has been a recurring annual recipient of prestigious gear awards since 2014. The company produces the most reliable grow lights because they have partnered with growers for research.

Their partners include soil and hydroponic commercial growers who assist them in testing and researching the product. These growers test Kind LED lighting systems under the toughest environments commercial can experience in their operations.

After knowing more about the company and the extent of its quality, you can see why it is worth paying premium prices for its systems. This type of quality equipment is what allows commercial growers to maximize their yield and profits.

How To Use Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

How To Use Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

Features of Kind LED Grow Lighting Systems

Various features make Kind LED products leaders in their class. These features include:

Kind LED Review

12-band Color Spectrum

One of the best features Kind LED lights have compared to other brands is the 12-band color spectrum. These lights have 12 colors that range from deep blue, green, white, IR, UR.

The number of spectrum wavelengths is essential for plants because they need both light colors and light intensity. You will have a better yield by providing appropriate colors that plants would normally find in nature.

Their advanced product series such as the K5 line gives the user the ability to custom pick colors to give the plants the perfect light output. It is a greatly attractive feature for growers who specialize in uniformity in their quality. It is one of the most popular features that drive growers to buy Kind LED products.

Kind LED Review

Quality Diodes Provide Higher Performance

The quality of the individual diodes in each Kind LED light unit is what allows it to provide top performance. The higher the quality the diodes are, the more they can emit a broader spectrum resulting in a higher intensity using lower-grade units.

A highly balanced light spectrum is achieved by using 3W and 5W 12 bands LED diodes. The unit also features a secondary high-intensity optical lens, superior switching, and 2CM aluminum circuit boards.

In addition, Kind LED grow lighting systems feature ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) and diodes to further enhance its performance. According to Kind, their 3-watt LED lights will outperform or match other brands that offer a 3-watt lighting setup.

Buyers may find competitors sold on the web at various prices from different online merchants. The significant difference between Kind and other brands is that they use a combination of both 3W and 5W diodes, which provides twice the spectrum coverage compared to other brands on the market.

Kind LED Review

Coverage and PAR Output

One feature that LED light manufacturers on the market including Kind doesn't offer is a PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation ) measurement for their lighting systems. PAR indicates the exact amount of photons that cover a square surface meter per second (μmol/m­²/s­).

According to expert growers, it measures the intensity of the light output the plants are receiving. It is an important indicator that helps growers make the necessary adjustments to provide their plants an optimal environment.

Kind LED Review

Temperature Control

Every single Kind LED product has silent fans and large heat sinks. The systems emit a bit of heat that surrounds the growing area. It is expected for a setup that emits a strong light output, necessary in commercial operations.

Kind LED lights have a similar wattage output to an HPS light system, but they don't become nearly as hot. Nonetheless, you'll have to be sure to a well-ventilated growing area if you're growing indoors. It is important to keep the heat under control to avoid undesired outcomes.

Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights

Kind's Product Lines

Kind LED grow lighting systems offer a wide variety of products that are grouped into three categories.

  • K5 Series: As Kind’s top-performing grow light systems and accessories, this product is guaranteed to provide the highest quality LED diodes, which results in a light spectrum at its broadest.
  • K3 Series: This is a more mainstream product line that is more affordable without compromising the quality commercial growers need and expect from a Kind LED product.
  • Bar Lights: A great feature that provides supplemental lighting sources that are optimal for conditions that call for extra power.

Below you'll find more details about the specific line series.

Kind LED K-5 Series

Kind LED K-5 Series

The best product by Kind is their LED K-5 series grow lights. Professional commercial growers prefer this product over other Kind's series. This is because it features a UL listing that combines 3 and 5 Watt LED power including a broad spread.

The system can provide plants the optimal spectral ratios from the seedling stage to the final harvest. The three primary ranges of the photosynthetic spectrum can be intensified or dimmed as individual units.

LED lighting systems have a narrower coverage range from the direct light that penetrates straight downward instead of outward. Traditional grow lighting systems are not able to cover a large footprint.

Kind's K5 Series can cover a large footprint that makes competitor products seem minuscule. In addition, this system offers secondary optical lenses that intensify the output of a single diode as well as having the ability to individually focus.

What Kind's Website Claims

On the company site, Kind boasts that the K5 grow light series produces the most abundant yield utilizing half of the electrical power and much less heat than traditional HID lighting systems.

It is certain that all LED lighting systems on the market are much more efficient and have cooler operating temperatures. Because Kind has more than 100 additional diodes compared to competing brands, it makes it a superior product for commercial operations.

This series provides a consistent footprint delivering a broad coverage and quality spectrum.

Kind LED K-3 Series

Kind LED K-3 Series

Another great product by Kind is their LED K-3 grow-light line. It is a cost-effective option that provides a superior upgrade.

Many growers prefer this option because of its low price point. It is popular amongst avid growers that don't necessarily support a commercial operation. The superior quality of the K-3 series provides without a doubt an impressive upgrade to many lighting systems that are being utilized on the market.

One of the most important differences with this product is the single wattage diode. Compared to the K-5 series which uses both 3W and 5W, the K-3 is a bit more limited because it uses only the 3W setup.

Nonetheless, the K-3 series is also able to increase harvest yields because it incorporates an intensified spectrum. This system uses half of the electrical power similar to the K5 series, as well as produces a low temperature avoiding high heat.

On the market, Kind's K-3 Series outperforms competitor brands that provide similar features. The lower amount of initial investment makes the K3 series a popular option for many growers including some small commercial operations that are looking for a low initial investment.

Bar Lights

Bar Lights

Another great feature that Kind offers are two styles of bar lighting options. To cultivate certain crops, bar lights are sometimes necessary. They play an essential role in particular growing conditions.

Kind offers two options for bar lights, they are the V-1 Series and the X-Series. Both are top of the line in the industry and offer a competitive price point. The V-1 series has mainstream features while the X-Series is considered to be top of the line in its class.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, Kind LED lighting systems are considered to be the leaders in the industry for commercial growing operations as well as small projects. The products are designed with the data collected by growers during years of research. It is a product that knows what its customers need.

Since Kind's development and research happens out on the field and not just the R&D department of a corporate building, the engineers can design a superior product that delivers the performance commercial growers expect.

One of the drawbacks of this brand is that it requires the buyer to make an initial investment that is at a higher price point than what you find on the market. It is easy to go for more economical options, but the performance doesn't come close to what you can achieve with a Kind LED lighting system.

What users have to keep in mind is that Kind LED lighting systems quickly pay for themselves as they consume much less electrical power and provide the most abundant yields. The company stands by this guarantee and has a following of customers that swear by their products.

From what it is seen by user feedback and industry research Kind LED grow lights seem to live up to all claims. This brand is indeed the most reliable top-of-the-line brand for quality LED lighting systems.

It is important to find a reputable distributor or to purchase the products directly from the official Kind website. The market is flooded with knock-offs and competitor brands that make false claims.

Most people go directly to Kind's website where they can immediately connect to their customer service team who are ready to answer all questions and provide the best advice for choosing the correct lighting system for your needs.