Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights

If you need additional lighting outside of your home, solar lights are one of the top options to consider. With solar lights, you don't have to worry about added electricity costs or annoying and unsightly wires. Since the sun powers solar lights, once you set up the lights, there isn't much else you'll need to do.

Solar lights are available in a variety of styles including walkway lights, garden lights, spotlights, and even patio string lights. Use this guide to help you choose the best outdoor solar lights to bring some brightness to your space at night. We've reviewed some of the top options on the market to narrow down your choices and make shopping quicker and easier for you.

Top 5: Outdoor Solar Lights

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Balhvit Glass Solar Lights

If you're looking for solar lights for a pathway, this set of lights from Balhvit is a top choice to consider. The lights are available in either a set of two or a set of eight and can be purchased with cool white or warm white bulbs.

Unlike other pathway lights on the market that have cheap glass cover, these lights feature crystal glass covers. The glass material allows them to transmit more light for increased brightness and visibility. Additionally, the glass material is more durable than plastic and won't crack with exposure to the elements.

In addition to the durable glass cover, these solar lights also feature top-quality stainless-steel construction. An anti-rust coating has been added to the stainless steel to further prolong their lifespan.

These pathway lights have a SMD brightness of 10 lumens. With a full charge of six to eight hours, they can provide light for 10 to 12 hours. They have a 600mAh rechargeable and long-lasting battery.

Compared with the hassle of installing any forms of wired lights, you'll be amazed with how quick and easy it is to install these lights. Simply place the stakes into the ground wherever you'd like lights and allow them to charge. For optimal results, place the lights in an area of the yard where they'll receive full sun.

Balhvit offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and an 18-month warranty. Should you experience any issues with your lights or have questions about your order, don't hesitate to contact the company, and they'll work to make it right.


  • These lights feature a durable glass cover that helps ensure more light is distributed.
  • Installation is as easy as placing the stakes in the ground and allowing the batteries to charge.
  • The manufacturer offers an 18-month warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • You can find other solar pathway lights that cost less money.

InnoGear Solar Lights

The InnoGear Solar Light set comes with four bright solar lights with either white or warm bulb choices. Each light features an adjustable panel that you can angel in the best direction to ensure the panels get as much sun as possible; they can rotate 180 degrees up and down for easy adjustments.

Choose from two different lighting modes with these solar lights to match your specific needs. They can be set to the high mode (with up to six hours of bright light) or the low mode (with up to 12 hours of light).

The latest technology was used when designing these solar lights to deliver the best benefits to you. They feature a 1.5W Monocrystalline Silicon solar panel that works to convert sunlight to energy 30% faster than the previous model and many other products. The light will automatically turn on when it is dark outside and turn off when it gets light to conserve energy and provide lighting when you need it.

There are two different installation options to choose from for this set of solar lights. You can mount them to a wall or use the stakes to place them in the ground in your yard. All of the tools and hardware is included with your purchase for both installation options.

You'll find that these are a durable and long-lasting choice. They are designed to resist rain, wind, and other weather to offer you bright outdoor light for a long time.


  • The lights automatically turn on and off as needed based on the outdoor lighting conditions.
  • There are two different lighting modes to choose from.
  • You can adjust the solar panel to the ideal angle to get the greatest amount of sunlight.


  • The quality may not be as high as what you'll find with some other outdoor solar lights.
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TomCare Solar Lights Flickering Flame Metal Solar Lantern

Use these attractive solar lanterns to decorate and illuminate an outdoor space. Each purchase includes two lanterns that are available with a bronze, black, silver, or white finish. The lanterns feature a retro style to add class and sophistication to an outdoor space.

The interior of the lantern features 'dancing' flame lights with a warm yellow glow. The dancing flames give the illusion of a real lantern with a glowing fire.

These lanterns are designed to last. They are made with an all-metal frame that is covered with a rustproof finish. The frame is durable enough to be used outdoor all year round.

Additionally, the lanterns are waterproof, so you won't need to worry about them getting wet in the rain. You can choose to stand them up on a table, or hang them using the handle from a post or hook.

The manufacturer offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty to protect your purchase.


  • The lights on the inside of the lantern look almost like a real flame.
  • An all-metal frame makes these a durable choice.
  • There are four different finish options to choose from.


  • The set only includes two lanterns.

Davinci Lighting Flexfit Solar Outdoor Post Cap Lights

If you have a fence or deck in your yard and are looking for post cap lights, consider the Davinci Lighting Flexfit Solar Outdoor Post Cap Lights. These lights are available with either a black or white finish to match different fences and come in a pack of one or two lights.

They offer 25 lumens of warm white light to keep yards lit up for security or entertaining. The lithium-ion battery in the caps will charge up with exposure to sunlight during the day and then offer between 7 and 8 hours of light after dark. These lights feature LED bulbs that can last for the entire life of the light, so you won't need to worry about trying to change a lightbulb.

These post caps are designed to fit deck and fences posts of all different sizes. They feature a FlexFit base for a secure fit on round or square posts between four and six inches wide.


  • You can choose from a black or white finish to coordinate with your deck or fence.
  • The caps are flexible and can fit over posts of different sizes.
  • They are designed with a lifelong LED bulb that doesn't need to be changed.


  • The battery only lasts for 7 to 8 hours overnight.
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Brightech Ambience Pro - Waterproof, Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights

Add string lighting to a patio or deck with the Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights. These lights need just six hours of direct sunlight to fully charge and will last five to six hours when charged. It is possible to charge them in indirect sunlight, but achieve a fully-charged battery will take longer.

The string lights come in lengths of 27 or 48 feet. They feature durable, commercial-grade and weatherproof construction for lasting quality. Each bulb cover is made from a durable plastic that is both shatterproof and heat-resistant to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since these lights are solar-powered, you don't need to worry about the location or availability of outlets on your deck or patio. You can simply hang them wherever it is convenient.

These string lights include LED bulbs that are rated to last up to 20,000 hours. The solar panel will last for approximately two and a half years, so you won't need to worry about replacing them for a long time.

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty to cover any defects that stop the lights from functioning properly.


  • You can choose from a 27- or 48-foot string.
  • You won't be tied down by the location of an outlet when hanging the lights.
  • The bulb covers are made from a heat-resistant and shatterproof plastic.


  • The lights only work for five to six hours when fully charged.

Buying Guide

Before you purchase outdoor solar lights, there are a number of factors to consider. Since there are many different products on the market, taking some time to select the right solar lights to match your needs will help ensure that you're satisfied with the product you select.

Light Type

The first thing you'll need to decide is which type of solar lights you want for your space. Just as wired lights come in a variety of styles and designs, so do solar lights. Some of the various options to consider include:

  • Solar path lights: These lights are designed with stakes to be placed in the ground on either side of a pathway. They are sold in packs with multiple lights. Depending on the length of your path and how much light you desire, you may need to purchase multiple packs to provide enough light.
  • Solar garden lights: Garden lights offer lighting for gardens and ponds. Like pathway lights, most garden lights also have a stake to place in the ground. Garden lights may come in a variety of shapes and brightness levels to add style to a garden. In addition to lighting up a garden, garden lights can also be a good choice for lighting other outdoor areas.
  • Solar post cap lights: As their name implies, post cap lights are designed to attach to a post cap to offer light in a backyard or on a deck. They come in a variety of colors and styles to match different décor preferences and help users create the desired mood.
  • Solar string lights: String lights can be used to add lighting to an outdoor patio or deck. They can be draped around the sides of a deck, hung above a table, or placed in other locations. Solar string lights are also availability with different colored bulbs to change the mood.
  • Solar streetlights: Solar streetlights are a more environmentally-friendly option compared with traditional fluorescent streetlights. They are also easy to install on your own if your street or driveway requires more lighting than is already available.


Next, be sure to compare the brightness of the different options you're considering to choose outdoor solar lights that will match your needs. The brightness of solar lights is typically recorded in lumens. A lumen rating between 10 and 35 would mean the light would offer a lower glow, while 700 to 800-lumen solar lights will be significantly brighter.

The right brightness for you will vary based on your purpose for looking for solar lights and where you plan to place your lights. For example, if you are looking to create a calm and peaceful mood, choosing a light with a lower lumen rating would likely be best. However, if you are choosing solar lights to increase the security of your home, you'll want to choose some with a higher lumen rating.


Be sure to read information about the battery included in each solar light and how it charges. Some batteries require exposure to full sun in order to charge, while others will charge even in partial-sun conditions.

In addition to checking how the battery charges, also take note on how long it takes to get fully charged (in full-sun and partial-sun conditions) and how long a full battery will power the lights for.

Quality and Durability

Quality and durability are important to consider with any purchase you make. When choosing solar lights, look for model made using high quality materials that will last for a long time.

Heavy-duty metals, like stainless-steel, are a good choice for the body of the light. When possible, choose products that feature glass covers rather than plastic covers. Glass is less likely to dry out and crack with exposure to the elements and will also help to distribute more light for increased brightness.


Next, look at the number of solar lights that are included with each option. Some products may only include one light, while others may offer a set of multiple lights. Consider your needs and where you would like to place the lights you purchase to make sure you choose a set that offers what you need. It is also possible that you'll need to purchase multiple sets of the same product to get sufficient lighting for your outdoor area.

Warranties and Guarantees

Whenever possible, choose outdoor solar lights that come with a manufacturer's warranty or guarantee. This will give you some peace of mind that the product you select is durable and long-lasting. Should you experience any issues with your purchase, the manufacturer should be able to help you out by offering a replacement or a refund.


Finally, pay attention to the price of each product you're considering. Choose a solar light set that it within your budget, but take care to select a high-quality option as well. You don't want to waste your money by buying something that won't last or won't solve your lighting needs.

Our Favourite

After compiling all the reviews above, we selected the Balhvit Glass Solar Pathway Lights as our top pick. One of the reasons we selected this product was due to its versatility. You can use the lights to line a pathway, illuminate a garden, or shed light on other areas of your yard.

Balhvit Glass Solar Lights

We also were really impressed with the quality and durability of the lights. They feature a durable stainless-steel body with a rust-proof coating and a crystal glass cover. Unlike many other options on the market, the cover won't crack or break easily due to the elements.

These lights are also bright. They have a brightness of 10 lumens, plus the glass cover helps further increase the amount of light that is able to be dispersed.

Set up is a breeze with this set of lights as well. Simply place the stake in the ground where you'd like the lights to be and allow the battery to charge. Charging should only take 6 to 8 hours with full sunlight, and once the battery is charged, the lights should work for 10 to 12 hours before needing to be recharged again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do solar lights work?

Solar lights have a solar cell, also called a photovoltaic. This part of the light is able to take sunlight and turn it into a direct electrical current. The electrical current is able to power the solar light. When you look at a solar light, the darker panel on the top is the photovoltaic part of the light.

Are outdoor solar lights any good?

The quality of outdoor solar lights can vary from one manufacturer to the next. In many cases, solar lights function very well and offer excellent light to brighten dark spaces outside for entertaining or increased visibility. Before making a purchase, look for information about the manufacturer's reputation and read reviews from other users to confirm you're choosing a quality item.

Will solar lights charge on a cloudy day?

Yes, solar lights can still charge on a cloudy day. However, they may charge a bit slower than they would on a day with full sun.

Can you leave solar lights outside during the winter?

Many outdoor solar lights are designed for year-round use and can be left outside during the winter. However, if you have decorative or more fragile lights, it is probably best to bring them in during the winter months to protect them from damage. Always consult with the manufacturer's recommendations if you are unsure whether the solar lights you purchase can be left outside.

How can I make my solar lights last longer?

If you want to extend the lifespan of your solar lights as much as possible, consider these tips:

  • Clean the solar panels regularly.
  • Cover the solar lights using a clear paint to protect their finish.
  • Don't place solar lights close to streetlights.
  • Turn the lights off during rainstorms.
  • When possible, bring the solar lights inside for storage during the winter.

How many lumens should a solar light be?

The number of lumens you'll want for a solar light will vary depending on the type of light you are looking for. For example, 100 to 200 lumens is typically sufficient for path lights, while 300 to 700 lumens is best for motion sensor lights.


We think you'll love the Balhvit Glass Solar Pathway Lights, but all of the products we reviewed about could be an excellent addition to your outdoor space. Which is your favorite? Take a few moments to reread our reviews and consider your needs. Then, select your favorite option and add it to your cart today!