The Garden Patch Growbox Review

The Garden Patch Growbox Review

Famous painter, Claude Monet said: "My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece." The joy of having a garden can enhance your life in various ways. There are now products on the market that make your life easy so that you can have the lush garden you've always dreamt of.

One of those products is The Garden Patch GrowBox, an innovative way to grow plants. It is a self-watering planter that makes gardening easy and fun, especially for newbies or those that want to save the time and effort that a traditional garden requires. The design allows you to grow just about any type of plant in various climates.

When considering to buy a planter, you should check out The Garden Patch GrowBox. You'll enjoy how easy it is to set up and use. It comes with everything you need to start growing plants. Its nutrient patch provides what plants need to thrive without the need to ever buying fertilizer or other products. It is ideal for saving space if you live in an urban setting and the boxes are easy to move around.

This review will cover details about this innovative gardening product to help you determine if this planter is the one for you.

Advantages of GrowBox

  • Easy set up takes only five minutes.
  • Requires no knowledge or experience in gardening.
  • You can grow the plants you want regardless of your climate and soil quality.
  • High success rate even for people new to gardening.
  • Nutrients and water are automatic so you don't have to guess.
  • Very affordable, one season can be enough for the system to pay for itself.
  • Money-back guarantee for being the easiest and most productive garden you'll have.
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Who is the Ideal Customer for GrowBox?

This automatic gardening tool is best for people who are new to gardening or are looking to keep things simple. Perhaps families who don't want to spend much time on gardening tasks, or anyone who wants to have productive gardening without all the work. It is also beneficial to those that live in urban and lack the space required for planting in the ground.

Assemble Your GrowBox

Step 1: Assemble Your GrowBox

Add Potting Mix

Step 2: Add Potting Mix

Add The Nutrient Patch

Step 3:Add The Nutrient Patch

Plant Your Garden!

Step 4: Plant Your Garden!


The planter comes with two pieces you'll fit into one. It includes a Nutrient Patch cover, the planter, and the 4-gallon water reservoir. Except for water, soil, and seeds, all you need to start growing plants arrives in one box.

You'll also receive a complete guide with images to guide you every step of the way. Assembly will require no tools to assemble your new GrowBox, perhaps only scissors to detach some of the plastic components. Just be careful removing the four pins at the bottom because they can be sharp.

Another point to keep in mind is to carefully bend the two hinged flaps at the bottom because if you are too forceful they may not fit properly, slow and easy is the key. Other than that, it should be a pretty smooth assembly.

When the assembly is complete, you'll end up with a planter box that is 11-inches tall, 27-inches long, and 12-inches wide. As small as it may seem, you'll be surprised by the big vegetation that can come out of that box.

Garden Patch Growbox Review

How to Grow in The Garden Patch GrowBox

The method used in this garden box is called "square-foot gardening." This means that you'll grow as much as you can within a small space with as little work as possible. This is all possible when you provide conditions that are ideal to support many plants.

That's the exact role that the nutrients and fertilizers play along with a cover that locks in moisture and prevents weeds from growing. It is very simple, all you need is a potting mix, water, and your favorite seeds.

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The Function of The Nutrient Patch

After planting, you'll put on the cover that fits inside the GrowBox, laying right on top of the potting mix. Under the two sleeves of the cover, there are low-salt fertilizers and the right combination of nutrients to aid quick growth. Plants grow abundantly, healthy, and strong.

Keep the sleeves dry until you're ready to use them. They dissolve with water and must be kept dry before adding them to the planter. There are two types of nutrient patches, let's discuss each next.

Garden Patch Growbox Review

Organic Fertilizers

This patch includes a blend of OMRI certified fertilizers that are designed to work fast.
They are made with microorganisms that work to quickly break down the materials and minerals and trace elements into nutrients. It provides nutrients that are readily available for the plants to thrive.

Synthetic Fertilizers

The other version of the Nutrient Patch is composed of synthetic fertilizers that have a 9-14-15 blend. It is the original version that came initially with the product.

How to Replace The Nutrient Patch

The nutrient patch should be replaced each time you start a new planter as they are spent each time you grow. Replacement patches can be bought online and you may stock up on them so that you're ready to plant your next GrowBox at any time. If you happen to run out, you'll have to add fertilizers and other nutrients for the plants to receive the proper medium they need to be fruitful.

Garden Patch Growbox Review

The Planting Stage

You'll notice that the Nutrient Patch has markings on the surface for 18 places that guide you on the location the plants should be. Planting instructions are also included to show you exactly which places to plant depending on what you're planting. A particular variety of flowers, herbs, and vegetables grow in a special way and require more space than others.

For example, to plant a blend of romaine lettuce, you'll be instructed to make eight evenly-spaced holes around the edges of the cover.

You can start your GrowBox from seeds or plants. When starting from seeds, you will cut round holes on the Nutrient Patch that will serve as openings for dropping in the seeds onto the potting mix. When starting with plants, you would dig the roots into the potting mix and slide the stem to the indicated spot by cutting a slit from the edge of the cover to the designated spot.

Watering Method

It is very simple to water the GrowBox, you'll simply maintain the reservoir full. You won't need to water the plants or seeds from the top. The water will mix with the nutrients and keep it fed and hydrated from the bottom up.

Be sure to keep your planter clean as you may start to see a built-up from the minerals and fertilizer. It won't however, interfere with the health of the plant, so you should be okay if a bit of build-up is unremovable.

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Types of Plants You Can Grow

The possibilities are broad, you'll be able to plant almost anything type of vegetation you can think of. You can even grow large plants such as tomatoes. The Garden Patch sells a support cage for a reasonable price (under $25), however, you can search for other support cages that may be built better.

This cage doesn't seem to have too much endurance. Even if you spend a bit more, you can find a more sturdy cage.

Garden Patch Growbox Review

Bottom Line

We would give The Garden Patch GrowBox four out of five stars, it works very well as advertised. It is an extremely simple way to grow a variety of plants efficiently and with little space. The assembly is a bit delicate but very straightforward. The planter is easy to move to another location, which makes it very convenient.

We are pleased with the job the Nutrient Patch does as it requires no measuring or figuring out what and how to feed the plants. The design is ideal for new gardeners or people who don't want to think about making much effort with their garden. The results will be just as beautiful as traditional growing methods.

One characteristic we would improve is the quality and design of the pins that hold the cover, however, if you handle it with care you will have no problems. It is something you can work around. Overall, the quality of the Nutrient Patch created lush plants and full-grown tomatoes.

If you want an easy way to have a garden, The Garden Patch GrowBox will simplify your experience. There are certainly more benefits to offset any shortcomings.

Where Can You Get a GrowBox?

You'll be able to purchase the GrowBox directly from The Garden Patch for $29.95. Designer colors are available for an additional $8. You can expect to pay shipping of $6.95 and can purchase replacement Nutrient Patches for $8.95 for synthetic, or $13.95 for the organic type. If you like shopping on Amazon, you'll find the GrowBox for a slightly higher price.

Garden Patch Growbox Review

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of medium should I use?

You may purchase any type of potting mix for your planter. Be sure it is spongy and feels light. Potting mix is ideal and it is different than potting soil, which is dense and will not work well because of its heaviness. You will find a good quality potting mix at your garden store, online, or department stores, it is very easy to find.

2. What material is the planter made out of?

The GrowBox is made from durable UV treated plastic that will last for years to come. It can withstand the elements very well and it is a safe material.

3. What colors are available?

The standard colors are terra cotta and dark green. You'll also be able to purchase other colors such as celery, eggplant, lime, and cauliflower for an additional $8.00.

4. How much can I expect the planter to weigh?

When you receive the shipment, it will weigh about eight pounds, however, once it is planted with water and the potting mix, you can expect it to weigh about 50 pounds.

5. Does it work well in a greenhouse or indoors?

Yes, the planter can be placed anywhere you choose. The only issue to consider is that your plants receive enough sunlight or you may use LED light if you're doing indoor gardening.

6. Can I get a refund?

Yes, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee for one year. It is a great indication of the confidence they have that their customers will like the product.

7. How much watering should I do?

You'll have to refill the water reservoir approximately once weekly as your plants grow. Once they start to bear fruit, you'll increase the frequency to twice weekly.

8. Do I have to use additional fertilizer?

No, the great thing about the Nutrient Patch is that you'll be able to forget about fertilizing for the entire season.

9. When will my order arrive?

You can expect your package to arrive in approximately two to three weeks. It will be shipped via Federal Express Ground.

10. Does the planter hook up to electricity?

Fortunately, it does not! It uses a completely self-sustained watering system. The Water reservoir has no pumps or any moving parts that will require power or repairs. Instead, it uses the power of osmosis and diffusion.

11. Are mosquitoes going to be a problem?

Wherever there is water, mosquitoes can possibly lay eggs. You can prevent this problem by putting a tablespoon of olive oil or other vegetable oil in the water reservoir each week. The oil creates a film on the water that does not allow mosquitoes to use the space as a breeding ground. It is a great solution instead of using pesticides that can be harmful to you and the ecosystem. The Garden Patch sells a mosquito solution in case you're interested in including it with your planter.