Types Of Sweet Potatoes

Types Of Sweet Potatoes

Types Of Sweet Potatoes


Hannah sweet potatoes, common to California, have a cream-colored flesh and skin. The skin appears smooth and they taste somewhat sweet. They look much like regular potatoes. Because they are so different from more orange-colored sweet potatoes, they don't work well as a replacement for them.

Speckled Purple

This variety, which most people are not familiar with, is a dark magenta color and is shaped similarly to a pear, with a fat end and a skinnier end. They are firm and have a nutty taste.

Japanese Sweet Potatoes

These are often called yams, though they are sweet potatoes. They have purple skin and are rather smooth on the surface. The flesh inside turns golden yellow when baked, and they are on the sweeter side.


These long, skinny potatoes have a pale, almost orange skin color. They make great potatoes to bake or roast, because they are sweet and stay moist.


This variety is orange in color, inside and out, with the flesh being a deeper hue. They are firm and mildly sweet in taste. These are often seen in stores and are traditionally used in recipes for casseroles and other baking.

Types Of Sweet Potatoes
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Garnet sweet potatoes get their name from the reddish-purple stone they look similar in color to. They are one of the longer kinds of potato, with a pretty distinct shape. The flesh is an orange shade, and they make a great sweet potato pie because of their moist quality when baked.

Red Garnet

The Red Garnet has a deep red skin. The flesh is the best texture and taste for mashed sweet potatoes. It's also excellent in baked goods like cakes and breads.


Apaches are close to red potatoes in their size and shape. They actually resemble chestnuts sometimes. The light orange skin is thinner than other sweet potatoes, and they have a great buttery, nutty flavor. They are small and round, and can easily be cooked whole.

Korean Purple

This Asian heirloom variety has rough, flaky, purple skin, and is white inside. It packs a nutty flavor that really comes out when baked or boiled. There are many interesting ways to use these purple potatoes, including in pudding.


These potatoes hail from Louisiana and have become very common. You are likely to see these in grocery stores. The Beauregard has a dark, copper-like skin color. They are more uniform in shape than other varieties. Farmers can have large yields without much cracking, and they are easy to cook.

Types Of Sweet Potatoes
Types Of Pothos

Types Of Pothos


These unique, white sweet potatoes came from a mutation of the Beauregard variety. These potatoes are slightly sweet, and when baked, have a dense, heavy quality. They have a distinct look but resemble regular potatoes in color, inside and out, and still taste like a delicious sweet potato.


Creamsicle sweet potatoes are named for their very light, cream-looking skin. They are long and wiry, and the flesh is a bright orange. Their firmness makes it great for baking in a casserole or for making fries with.

Brown Horse

This variety is rather odd-looking and brown in color on the outside, but dark red on the inside. The flesh is very sweet. They are popular, but they can be hard to find. You may have luck if you live in Kentucky.


Another rare, heirloom variety has dark orange, nearly red skin. They are grown in Missouri, and when baked pack a wonderful, nutty flavor. They have a bush habit when growing.


Okinawas, which are popular in Hawaii, are long, oddly shaped, and have a skin that is tan in color and a flesh that is purple inside. The color is so vibrant that it's a great treat to eat one, even though the flavor is mild. These stay firm no matter how they're cooked.

Types Of Sweet Potatoes
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Bunch Porto Rico

Also known as vineless sweet potatoes, this variety is light red in color with a dark orange skin. They grow in a bunch and can have a good yield, even with a small growing space. They are perfect for a small garden. Bunch Porto Ricos are delicious when baked.

Carolina Bunch

Carolina Bunch originated in South Carolina with the intent to have a sweet potato that requires less space to grow. The skin of this variety is bright orange-gold in color. They are dark orange inside and generally are uniform in shape.


This variety, common in dishes in the south, is especially sweet when baked. They are pink-orange in color on the outside and orange inside. They are easy to grow and stay uniform in size. The Covington rivals the Beauregard in popularity.

Carolina Nugget

Carolina Nuggets are excellent for roasting. They have an oblong shape, and their flesh is light orange and holds its shape well when cooked. They are similar to the Porto Rico variety.

Carolina Ruby

This variety gets its name from its color. The smooth skin is a deep ruby-purple color, and the flesh is bright orange. This potato is described as tasting mildly sweet.

Types Of Sweet Potatoes
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Jersey Sweet Potato

The Jersey variety is very similar in color to a regular potato. Even the flesh is a white color like a regular potato, and although they are sweeter, they are not as sweet as most varieties of sweet potatoes.


This variety is often confused with yams. They have a similar oblong shape, and when cooked, the skin peels off easily. The flesh is dark orange and sweet to taste.


The Hernandez sweet potato is one of the sweetest available. It has a higher sugar content than many other potatoes, making it one of the best. Their skin is red and the flesh is a moist orange.

Stokes Purple Sweet Potato

These are a popular purple cultivar. They have a purple skin and a purple flesh, and they can easily be mistaken for a beat. The Stokes variety is best cooked at a lower temperature for a longer time than orange-colored varieties.

White Delight

This purple-skinned, white-fleshed sweet potato is popular in the south. They are a great source of vitamin C and fiber.

Types Of Sweet Potatoes
Sunflower Microgreens

Sunflower Microgreens


This root vegetable was created in Oklahoma. It has tan skin and a sweet, light orange flesh.


These dark red sweet potatoes have a dark orange flesh inside. When baked, the flesh is juicy and becomes soft. They are very sweet and often uniform in size.

Amish Bush Porto Rico

Aptly named, these potatoes grow in bushy clusters. They are rose in color, and their orange flesh tastes buttery when cooked.

Georgia Jet

These are a quick-growing variety of reddish-purple root vegetable. When created, they were created for gardens in the north. Their flavor is rich.


Evangeline sweet potatoes are a variety from Louisiana. They are somewhat red in skin color and their deep orange flesh is very moist.

Types Of Sweet Potatoes
Salvia Chamaedryoides

Salvia Chamaedryoides


This light copper-colored variety has an orange flesh and naturally, insects stay away. It was developed in South Carolina and grows quickly.


These heirloom variety sweet potatoes are very moist and sweet. These potatoes, common on the Eastern Shore in Maryland, have a green-tinted flesh. They are traditionally included in Thanksgiving meals in that area.


These Japanese root vegetables have a nutty-tasting, almost red-brown flesh. They are dry and not often used, aside from in traditional Japanese meals, like stir fry.

New Jewel

This potato yields many new vegetables wherever it's planted. The dark orange flesh is delicious, and it even wins international awards.

Nancy Hall

Developed in the 1930s, these sweet potatoes are very sweet. They do not look like they would taste great with their light skin and yellow center, but in fact, they are a very popular variety.

Types Of Sweet Potatoes
Hydroponic Strawberries

Hydroponic Strawberries


This dense, starchy sweet potato variety has a sweet but subtle taste when cooked. They pair well with many other root vegetables when steaming or roasting them together. They take longer to cook than some other root vegetables, but they are so creamy and tasty that the extra time is worth it. The Satsumo-Imo can be used in a variety of ways, including as an ingredient in alcoholic drinks. The skin is a deep purple and the flesh is yellow, but it gets darker when it's cooked. These potatoes have been grown in Japan since the 1600s.

Regal Sweet Potato

The deep purple skin of this variety is beautiful, and they feature an orange flesh that tastes great when baked. This crop yields well each growing season and produces great quality potatoes.

Southern Delight

This variety of sweet potato was created in the 1980s. It has a dark copper outside with a dark orange inside. The flavor is satisfying and delicious. This is a good variety to grow because they also store well.


This root vegetable is a bush variety that grows well in small garden spaces. They were also developed in the 1980s and have a beautiful bright red and green foliage that makes them as nice to grow as they are to eat.

Sumor Sweet Potatoes

This potato gets its name from the word summer. They have a light skin and a light flesh, and they contain a good amount of vitamin C. They grow very well in warm climates.

Types Of Sweet Potatoes
Passion Fruit Vine (Passiflora edulis)

Passion Fruit Vine (Passiflora edulis)


This variety was developed in Japan and is still mostly only found there. They are sweet and somewhat sticky. They are a good vegetable to cut julienne-style and add to salads.


The Centennial sweet potato variety grows to a medium to large size. They have a soft, deep orange flesh that is a beautiful color to add to meals. It is very versatile as to what dishes it can be used in, so it's a pretty popular potato.

Ginseng Red Sweet Potato

With their smooth skin and odd, rather thin shape, the ginseng reds are a great choice for growing in small spaces. They have a bright orange flesh when cooked.


These sweet potatoes are very popular in New Zealand where they are grown. The Kumara are a deep reddish-purple in color and have been around for quite a long time.


The Oriental sweet potatoes are often called Japanese sweet potatoes. They have a dark pink skin, but are bright white on the inside. Grilling, baking, and steaming bring out a delicious, nutty flavor.